Dessert Idea…

After we had our twins, the thought of getting a babysitter and waiting in line and an insanely busy restaurant on Valentines day lost it’s appeal. The last several years we have done a special family dinner…. we decorate the dining room, eat on our fancy china and have yummy food. the only catch, I am the one that prepares the food…
This Valentines day I took the task of trying to replicate one of our favorite dishes. There is a restaurant in Provo called La Dolce Vita.. it has the BEST chicken Parmesan I have ever eaten. (it was better than some of the food we got in Italy)…They serve it with homemade sauce and side of creamy pasta…. So I pounded the chicken thin, made homemade marinara sauce and homemade fettuccine Alfredo… When I was looking at this menu, I was thinking “this is going to be alot of work”… I knew that I had to simplify the dessert portion, no homemade red velvet cake or cheesecake this year…
So instead I made a batch of the BEST brownies… the Barefoot Contessa’s Outrageous Brownies (recipe can be found on then cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter…these brownies are very dense so they are perfect to use with cookie cutters, they really hold their shape. I served them with store bought cookies and icecream and threw on a couple of choc. covered strawberries (you have to melt the choc. for the brownies so I already had some choc. melted, so the strawberries just took a minute to dip)… I thought it turned out really cute and saved me some time too!


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    I am MAKING those brownies soon. I remember when you made them for Christmas a few years ago, but I think the heart shaped ones are so cute. That dinner you made sounds great too. La Dolce Vida – a special place.


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