Planning ahead *gasp*

So anyone that knows me well knows that I am usually doing things at the last minute. It’s not that I do it on purpose, but things always end up that way…. We are headed out on spring break next week and when we get back I will only have 1 week until Easter and 2 weeks until my twins birthday parties and baptism, and family coming to visit….
So, trying to avoid a super crazy couple of weeks after vacation I made the invites for my daughters b-day party today… she is having a Sweet party…. complete with cupcakes, tea party food, baking hats & lots of treats… Here is the invite… the inside has all the party “details”… I’m excited for this one… (all supplies Close to My Heart, I’m a rep if you need anything)
At the same time (yes I am crazy) will be her twin brothers birthday party, downstairs in our “movie theater”… he is having a safari party (invite ideas WELCOMED)… It will be interesting and this is the first year that they we are not combining their parties.. they are just getting too old to find a gender neutral theme. It should not be too crazy though- they are keeping the guest lists pretty small, just close friends and playmates…
I’ve been sewing away these last 2 weeks… mostly because that cute little girl in the skirt (a couple of posts ago) had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and ended up in the ER! We have been housebound for 2 weeks (she is ok now)… so not much else to do than sew…
So coming soon… another skirt tutorial… here is a sneak peek…

now off to find something to make for dinner…


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    It makes me wish I were young and one of her little friends. And, okay I want to see the new tutorial and catch up with you before you head out!

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