Little Girls Cupcake Party…

edited to add… to see more photos of the party you can click here

I have boy/girl twins. Since they are a boy/girl we have never done big “parties” for them. We usually do family dinners or invite a bunch of friends to dinner with kids the same age. Last year we did “branch” out and have a party at a local party place. So this year they were turning 8 and I figured my days of having fun little parties for them were quickly slipping away. We decided to do a crazy thing and have 2 parties at the same time. (figured it was better to really mess up my house once, than clean it up and mess it up again)

The girls had a cupcake/baking party upstairs and the boys were down stairs having a safari party. This also made it so people didn’t feel like they needed to bring 2 gifts… (oh the complications of twins :-)) The table… some people asked for some “details”..
-the Cake is a cake mold I got from Williams Sonoma, but I noticed that Wilton also makes one. Make sure you bake the cake on the package, a cake mix would not be strong enough for the cake to stand up…. Decorating the cake was a mess….. oh vey! In the end we covered the top with white fondant (keep it thick when you roll it… 1st one was too thin)… then we dipped the bottom in chocolate melts… (fondant was a MESS!)… Turned out in the end.

I love balloons… they make it look festive without too much effort. I also made Bakeralla’s cupcake pops… (no close up they don’t look that great)… I put them in little flower pots with Styrofoam balls so they could stand up… then covered the top with marshmallows to hide the Styrofoam.I was soooo excited when I found paper place mats at Hobby Lobby!! Plates are from there too… couldn’t find any cute cupcake theme ones so just went for cute ones in the party colors. Pink plastic table cloth on the table.Filled jars- never got around to going to the specialty candy store, ran out of time, so put marshmallows in them instead… cheap doilies on the table under all the cake stands.
(sorry for the pink faces, don’t know if it’s ok to post the girls pics)….
When the girls arrived I gave them an apron. Oriental Trading Co. had a package of 12 for a really good price. Then found a cupcake digital scrapbook element on and printed it on ironon paper. Cut it out and ironed it on. Easy!
Also from Oriental Trading (OTC), I got bakers hats… they are the paper ones… so I let them decorate their hats with markers and some cupcake foamies (also from OTC). Just a note, the hats were HUGE… so we used a stapler to get them to fit better.
…..I found a 20% off coupon and free shipping from OTC, so that’s where most of the party stuff if from……

After that, we decorated cupcakes.. my Mom had the genius idea to put the sprinkles in cupcake tins… much easier for the girls to use.
After that the girls dipped cupcake balls in chocolate & covered them in sprinkles. I did it just like Bakerealla (… My biggest tip for that is make sure they are FROZEN before the girls dip them, also make sure the sticks are in them before you freeze them… use a little chocolate to get them to stick….. less messy. Also- we didn’t shape them, just kept them round. They all turned out sooo cute, I didn’t take any pictures.. (too busy helping them dip in choc.)
Syd got her own apron, I made it earlier…

Then dinner… kept it simple… We had smiley face fries, mini corn dogs, chicken nuggets, strawberries, apples/caramel, and pb&j cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter. I did break down and buy grape and orange fanta… the cans matched so well I couldn’tresist (happy to report no spills!)

Party bags… also from OTC… put in them the “chefs” rubber duckies, stickers, and bubbles (all from OTC)…the girls also took home 1 cupcake they made (found cupcake boxes at Michaels) and their cake pops.
The girls were very good and it all turned out great… took about 2 hrs… they best part… don’t have to do a big party next year!
Melissa Mortenson is the author of the Polka Dot Chair blog which is in its 7th year of sharing fresh and creative ideas with readers. She is the author of “Project Teen, Handmade Gifts your Teen will Actually Love”. Her first fabric line “Derby Style” debuted in January 2015 through Riley Blake Designs. A mom of 3, she considers herself lucky to be living in Kentucky.


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    GREAT JOB!!!! It looks like so much fun… oh to be a kid again! We did a cupcake party for my daughter last year. This year… a princess party and it is in less than two weeks.

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    WOW! What a fun and gorgeous party, I love it! What a cool theme, I’ll be linking!

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    Wow I don’t know how you managed two parties at the same time. The cupcake one was stunning…they must have had a fabulous time. Did you manage to take any pics of your son’s party ?? Would love to see them also…

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    Wow ! Hosting birthday parties is one of my very favorite things (I know, crazy huh? but I just love a good theme). However, two at one time must have been insane….let alone with baptisms on top of it all.

    Thanks for the details. Everything looks great. Glad for the reminder of the bakerella pops. I might have to make some for ALice’s party next week.

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    WOW what a lucky little girl, I am planning a cupcake party for my two year old at the end of this month, so thank you for all the lovely ideas. You did and wonderfull job!

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    I love it! I’m working on a cupcake party for my niece’s first birthday on Saturday right now – this has given me some great ideas! Come on over to my blog to see some of my cupcake fun! :)

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    I’m having a Sweet Shop party for my 7 yr old daughter tomorrow…a friend made chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling, frosted with pink icing & polka dotted sprinkles. The girls are going to make their own sundaes and we’ll have lots of toppings. We are having a lollipop garden, similar to the one featured in Family Fun. The kids throw out jelly bean “seeds,” then an adult “plants” the lollipops in the yard while the kids are busy, then the kids pick the lollipops. I even found flower shaped ones at the dollar store. So cute! Also, I bought the cutest paper goods at Hobby Lobby…brown background with multi colored polka dots. They are good for any age. They even have favor bags to match, which I filled with giant Smartees & other treats. It should be fun!

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    This is so cute! I’m going to tuck it away for future reference. I have boy/girl twins, too, and you’re right–there are no great ideas for parties! I’m opting for a nursery rhyme theme (they are turning one in 2 days). Thanks for the inspiration! (2 parties at once? Really? You are insane!!:)

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