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So Halloween is in 2 weeks, and I thought I’d share a costume from last year incase anyone is still looking for ideas.
My daughter wanted to be a superhero… The first version of this costume was not very cute. It was lacking in details and just didn’t have any “pop”.

One of the ideas I had were the “wonder woman” cuffs on her arms. (the other was the sequin belt)They were really simple to make.
-Measure the forearm width and length. (or just wrap a piece of fabric around it to get an idea of how big you want them to be)
-Cut this size out of your main fabric.
-Cut a 1/2″ strip of fabric accent 1 and a 1″ strip of fabric accent 2- In this case they were the white shimmer and silver shimmer used in her cape.
-Sew the strips onto the main fabric. You will have a big rectangle.
-Iron a heavy weight fusible interfacing to the back.
-cut another piece of fabric the same size.  Put right sides together and sew around leaving a hole to turn right side out.

-Attach velcro to full length of the cuffs (you can see it in the photo, this is because her arms are very tiny and I cut the cuffs a little too large, if you measure more carefully the velcro on yours won’t stick out- you could use little “tabs” of velcro if you want but I wanted them to lie flat)
-Embellish with gold stars (fabric store bought ones).

Okay, so that’s not the clearest tutorial, but gives you a good idea of how to do it. Here are a few other photos of the costume…

As you can imagine, the wig was a bit “over the top” (her idea, she insisted)… it got too hot and she ditched it quickly.
Oh- we also bought the cheapest boots I could find anywhere and spray painted them silver. Much to my chagrin, the silver stuck VERY well and she still tries to wear them out – oh!

Melissa Mortenson is the author of the Polka Dot Chair blog which is in its 7th year of sharing fresh and creative ideas with readers. She is the author of “Project Teen, Handmade Gifts your Teen will Actually Love”. Her first fabric line “Derby Style” debuted in January 2015 through Riley Blake Designs. A mom of 3, she considers herself lucky to be living in Kentucky.


  1. says

    I found you on Moda Bake Shop and I am so enjoying your blog. This costume is adorable. I think the wig totally MAKES it! So creative… (My granddaughter is waiting ANXIOUSLY for me to finish her twirly skirt today. Her name is Sydney too!)

  2. says

    hey idk you but i love the superhero idea. i was already planning to be a superhero but i needed and idea for a bag to carry…have any ideas? leave me a comment at (i am a teenager if that helps to think of an idea for me???) thanks soo much!!!

  3. says

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE this!! I have 4 girly girls and finally have a BOY and need some not so girly dress ups for them to use on him. Superheroes is just so perfect!!! Thankyou!!

  4. Josephine says

    I love this so much I’d like to make it! Can you please provide more info about how you made the skirt? How much fabric for each? Thanks for sharing!


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