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Corsage Belt Tutorial
This is a skirt that I made for my daughter last spring. I got to thinking that it need a little extra “something”… My teenage daughter last winter had this great flower corsage belt that she would wear with plain black dresses to jazz ‘em up… so I thought I’d make one for my youngest daughter.

How to make a flower belt

 *if you like the skirt, you can find a full tutorial on how to make it on my blog*

To start you need a bunch of flowers from the craft store.

Find your favorite one and using wire cutters, clip it off the bunch.  Clip the wire as close to the base of the flower as you can.

Pull the center of the flower out and disassemble the flower. Lay all the pieces out on your table to get a good idea of what you have to work with.

Thread a needle with heavy duty thread (like quilting or upholstery thread).  Put a knot in the end and set aside.

Using the pieces of flowers that you have, arrange them in a way that looks nice to you. If you picked a “not full” flower to start with you may need 2 flowers to get the effect you want.

Place the flower pieces on a bamboo skewer, this will help you to keep the petals lined up while you sew.

Sew around the center of the flower, DO NOT cut the thread yet. Remove from the bamboo skewer.

Place the shank of the button though the center hole in the flowers. Sew into place. Tie a knot but don’t cut the thread yet…

Take a piece of ribbon about 2 x as big as the waist you want the belt to go around. Sew the flower to the ribbon slightly off of the center mark (you don’t want the flower to sit dead center on your waist).

Tie a knot, cut the thread.

Place the belt on you (or your daughter) and cut the ribbons to size!

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