Dress Parade

After 2 boys my little sisterjust found out she is having a girl! She is due this summer and we are all estatic for her!!

She found out when my Dad was here babysitting while we were in France, so the night before he left I packed up “the Dresses” to send to her.  Most of my kids clothes I have given away, but I kept in my daughters closet certain ones that were “extra special”. I never wanted to pack them away for fear that I would forget about them.
So that night I got them out of the closet and sent them off to Utah.  Before I did though, I snapped some photos of the ones that I had made over the years.
So indulge me a bit today, as I have a nostalgic “my kids are getting so big moment”… as I share some of the dresses I have made with you.
Just a note… I snapped these photos VERY late at night and did not have time to iron any of the dresses! Some of them look “wonky” because they are not on the hangers straight… sorry! 
This one was actually a gift for my niece…
Easter Dress from a few years ago
Another Easter Dress
Yet another Easter dress, I can’t believe how little she was!
She wore this one for my sisters wedding, so it seem appropriate that my sister gets it now. I hope the formula stains come out of it ok…
Just a fun summer dress. It’s reversible, one of my favorite patterns, Lucy by Children’s Corner
Easter again…
One of my favorites of all time…
I’m sooo excited to have a new baby niece this summer!!! Oh my she is going to be so fun to sew for!!
Melissa Mortenson is the author of the Polka Dot Chair blog which is in its 7th year of sharing fresh and creative ideas with readers. She is the author of “Project Teen, Handmade Gifts your Teen will Actually Love”. Her first fabric line “Derby Style” debuted in January 2015 through Riley Blake Designs. A mom of 3, she considers herself lucky to be living in Kentucky.

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    Very adorable dresses!! Isn’t having a girl so fun?!! My daughter (she’s 5) has gotten so picky about what she wants to wear, so I guess it use to be fun for me, but now it’s frustrating!! Most of the time I just go with it. I try to make sure she only has clothes in her closet that I love. Otherwise she’ll pick out the ugly stuff and insist on wearing it! But if she’s only got cute stuff, then most of the time she looks okay – except her idea of “matching” is far from my idea of it. lol
    Congrats to you sister!!! yay!

  2. says

    I think it’s wonderful that you can share the dresses that you made with so much love can give to your new little niece. I am sure she will feel very loved and special wearing those treasures.

  3. says

    oooh I love little girly dresses. I have dresses that my Grandma smocked for me, that my girls wore. So sweet! Little girls & Nieces are so fun to sew for. I have 3 little girls of my own and I have 6 nieces! That is a lot of sewing fun to be had!

  4. says

    What fun that the newest member of the family will be a little girl! I recognize a few of those sweet smocking plates from Creative Needle. A great magazine that is terribly missed.

    These dresses are made with such love, and perfect for passing from one family member to another. As an owner of an heirloom sewing and smocking shop, I adored seeing them. Thank you so much for sharing with your sister and us!

  5. says

    I love your smocking dresses! I have always wanted to tackle smocking but the pleating intimidates me. Any suggestions for sites or books to get me (and your other smocking challenged followers) started?

  6. says

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. This morning I pulled out my first smocking project which has been stored for a few months. Your pictures are an inspiration. My project is for a granddaughter’s first birthday in June.

  7. says

    People are getting away from dressing their children in Easter clothes in my hometown. It does my heart good to see your children looking so fine in theirs throughout the years

  8. says

    I loved your dress parade! I do exactly the same thing except my daughter that I smocked for is 20 years old now! I have saved my absolute favorites for her daughter when she has one. Right now I am enjoying making the first of 3 blessing gowns for my grandchildren this year. I made one of Martha Pullen’s grandmother’s hope chest patterns with shark’s teeth and inserted lace going down the front. Never tried that technique before and it was a lot of fun!

  9. says

    Seriously? You made all of those!?! I’m blown away right now. I love the one that was from your Sisters’ wedding. The colors were just so sweet. That’s great to share the love by passing them on to your sis. Congrats to her!

  10. says

    Holy smocking, batman. Wow. That is a skill I would love to learn. Your girls must be some of the best dressed around. Thanks for sharing some great inspiration.

  11. says

    What wonderful little dresses! For baby stains I use Dreft Laundry soap it has gotten everything out for me. Even stains that has been there from my previous kid. Good luck and have fun with your new little niece.

  12. says


    What gorgeous dresses and how special that you can give them to your soon-to-be niece. They are beautiful and I understand why you kept them all. I had no idea you could smock, but I’m not surprised. What can’t you do?!

    Sorry to read about the finger incident. So scary. Glad that it doesn’t require surgery, but two visits to the doctor and stitches is bad enough. Reminded me of Traci’s little sweetie. Hope you are healed soon!

  13. says

    oh my…i just found this wonderful site today. And, now i’m totally addicted to it. I’m pretty sure we could be best friends!! My youngest, of 3 girls, is 5 so my smocking days are over. But, i smocked that cute purse dress too!!! Fun fun times!!

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