It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet here for a few days! I’ve been a bit under the weather but am healing up quickly!
Since school gets out soon for many of us, (and let me tell you I am READY!! I LOVE summer!! I don’t mind the kids being home and a few months without a crazy schedule is so wonderful!) I thought I’d share a few teacher gift ideas.

This is a gift basket I put together for my kids teachers last year. (Sorry for the terrible photos, I’m always working on things waaay after dark!!).

I got a bucket tote and filled it with a beach towel, some sunscreen, lots of good snacks and some lemonade! I think this would also be great with a bottle of “Simply Lemonade” but it needed to stay cold and I wasn’t sure how long it would sit out.
A few other ideas I’ve posted in the past:

Nice notebooks, pens, post it’s and a gift card tied up with cellophane and a ribbon.
“We Love” teacher pennant.
Circle clipboard covered with scrapbook paper with a Movie Gift card attached.
World’s Greatest Teacher Magnet board & Magnets
Popcorn bucket filled with candy, popcorn, popcorn seasoning. You could add a Movie Gift card or I have heard you can now buy Redbox Gift certificates!!
Just  a few ideas. I’ll post what I’m making for this year when I get it all finished! (hopefully during the daylight hours so I have a better photo!!)



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    Our kindergarten teacher is retiring and the basket idea can easily be turned into an affordable retirement gift too! Great inspiration!


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