Kids Crayon Roll


I made this crayon hold for my nephew for Christmas a couple of years ago. There are lots of tutorials out there now so I’m sure you can find one of how to make it.

It’s made from American Jane laminated cotton. I embroidered his name on the front the put a little ric rack in the seams.

On the inside is a pocket to hold a steno pad (tried to find a standard size one so they could replace it when it was full).  And a divided pocket to hold all of his crayons.

The whole thing folds up in half and ties shut, with little handles to make it easier for little hands to carry.

It’s one of my favorite projects ever!  I may be persuaded to post a tutorial, we’ll see.


  1. says

    So cute, Melissa! Did you make the fabric into the oilcloth or did you buy it as oilcloth? I know you can buy something to turn fabric into oilcloth, but I don’t know what that is!

  2. says

    paaaaaaaahhhhhhhlease!!!!I would love to see how you made this. I mean I think I can figure it out but tutorials make things so much easier:) Well maybe not for you but maybe us:) WE LOVE YOU!

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    I know my two little granddaughters would really enjoy this — I sure would appreciate a tutorial. You are so creative and I really enjoy reading your blog!

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