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We finished our basement a couple of years ago. To help save on costs we tried to do a few things ourselves. My husband put the floor in my craft room, I ran the wire in our media room and we had always “planned” on doing the tile on the fireplace ourselves…

that was 2 years ago..

The fireplace sat for 2 years. I think we got so used to it looking “undone” that we didn’t even notice it anymore.

Right after the room was finished it looked like this… Those are my cute nephews in the photo… it stayed like that for a few months.

Slowly, very slowly I’ve been putting this room togther. A couple of weeks ago we finally did the tile around the fireplace!

in progress

My husband did the tile, he had never done tile before, but it did not turn out to be too complicated.
I could not be happier with how it turned out!!

M from Anthropologie,  painting by me :)
I don’t know why it is taking me so long to get this room put together. I’m usually a very “impatient” decorator, wanting everything done NOW!  But for some reason, I’m having a “brain block” about this room. It still needs drapes.. maybe in 2 more years..
Here’s a few other photos of the room…
close up of the tile
my photo wall & my favorite lamp!
A wider view of the whole room
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    so so cool Melissa! it looks really cozy and fun to be in. tell me about your little photo collage, looks interesting, are the pics just mounted on foam core?

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    I LOVE your photo wall – I NOW know what to do with my big empty wall in my living room. We moved here a few months ago and I’ve been at a loss on how to accentuate that wall – it currently has a 22×33 canvas on it but the enormity of the wall makes it look tiny. If I add the shelves and and frames (collecting dust) in the garage. It will be perfect! :) Thanks for the idea – I can’t wait to start on it.

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    Good job on getting the room done. It looks great and I’m so impressed ~ you paint too!?! I can totally relate to having the unfinished decorating projects. Sometimes I think I need to take a breat from quilting and focus on decorating my house…hmmm…well anyways, great job!

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    I totally know how you feel about procrastinating on the basement. We are the same way in our house.

    However, it looks amazing now that you are done. I love the picture arrangement on the wall, it is so colorful. It reminds me of pottery barn.

    Great Job! I have been blog stockin’ you for a long time…I love your tutorials and your blog.


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    Wow! It looks awesome! I’m totally inspired (and this photo is in my clips file now for sure!). I absolutely love your wall color, too — have you shared what color it is? (Sorry if you have already, I’m new!). Love your blog!!!

    ~Angela :-)

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    It looks soooo good! Seriously, you’re genius. :) I hope all is well. I haven’t seen in a really long time. It looks like you’ve been busy.

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