Fabric Doll & Mini Quilt

 Cute Fabric Doll and Baby Quilt


So this was not my “best year” for handmade gifts. I made only one.  I’m not sure how I feel about that now, since part of Christmas to me is making handmade gifts… but circumstances did not work out this year for it.

I just wanted to share with you what I DID make this year… This cute little dolly for a even cuter 18 mo. old girl on my list.

Cute Fabric Doll and Baby Quilt
And since no dolly is complete with out her own blanky I made her  a quick little quilt to go with it.
Cute Fabric Doll and Baby Quilt
The quilt is my own design…. well actually not much of a design, I guess you would call it impromptu quilting. I just took the scraps left over from the doll and a fat quarter and started sewing until I found something that I liked & was the right size.
The doll was the first stuffed item that I’ve made since high school!! She was easy to make and I had alot of fun picking out her clothes *grin*… I may have to start playing around with making some more next year!


  1. says

    Well, I think if you were only gonna make one gift this year…THIS was the perfect one! She is adorable and so is her quilt!!! Wonderful job on this!!! :) Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy New Year!


  2. says

    Melissa, this turned out adorable! I love it! I also love the colors you used. I have been loving the yellow/ grey combination. Throw in some turquoise and I love it even more! I have the book too and love it, but have yet to make anything from it! (In my defense, it is relatively new!) I love their stuff and recently saw on their blog how she had made a Clara doll and Nutcracker from the ballet. LOVE!! I have to make that next year. I just have to remember about it!

  3. says

    I made a dolly for my new grandbaby this Christmas too! I used a free pattern from this website: http://thingsofcloth.com/Pages/patterns.aspx
    She doesn’t give any instructions, but it’s pretty simple to put together. I used fleece for her body and made fleece hair that turned out too cute. It was a lot of fun to make and thanks for the idea of making a quilt. I’ll have to get started on that!! :o)

    • Angela says

      The instructions are on the website under “tutorials”. But I agree that it is a simple pattern to figure out how it goes together.

  4. says

    I got the Wee Wonderfuls book for Christmas (at my request!) It’s absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to get started sewing some dolls for my little girl!

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