Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

Ok… there is a bit of a story here but trust me there is a point!

Our family took a nice little overnight trip up to Cincinnati for New Year’s Eve. On the way home we stopped at IKEA (as always) –oh how I love IKEA! While we were loading up the car I guess I was a little too excited about the new “accessories table” for my bedroom (more on that later) and we left a cart full of stuff we bought sitting in the loading area!!

I didn’t realize this until we were about 30 miles away…. so we had to drive back up to IKEA, pick up the package (which thankfully was right where we left it) then drive home…. I think the combination of an inspirational trip to IKEA and a long quiet drive in the car gave me some great “creative” dreaming time.

I have been trying to think of what “direction” I want to go with my blog this year. I had a great 2010 but felt a bit unfocused.  I have also been trying to come up with my personal “one little word” for 2011…. which I decided on was “health”…  (see earlier post on this)

I thought maybe I should come up with a “word” for my blog too… then realized I could NEVER settle on just one word! When it comes to creativity/crafts I’m just too scatterbrained…

Then somewhere near mile marker 50 I realized… I can pick 12, one for each month!  It would be a great way to focus my posts for my blog plus give a little bit of structure and a some challenge for me.

By the time I got home, I’d worked out almost all 12… I’m not going to share them all here at once (incase I change my mind) but I did decide on January…

So for January my word is:


I’ll share some posts and tutorials on that topic, and not all what you’d expect… I’ve got a few “out of the box” ideas when it comes to being resourceful. I love to figure out how to make things work for other than their intended purpose (hence my love of IKEA)…

I thought it would be a great topic for the New Year since we are all in the mood to reorganize & rethink things.

Not all posts in a  month will be on the chosen topic, but it will be the main focus of my most of my blog posts.

I’m so excited to start!!!!! See you this week with my a fun project… that is very very resourceful *wink*

Just a reminder…. New Year’s sale at fourteen may only lasts until Monday!!!


  1. says

    This is such a great idea. My husband and I were joking that we were starting spring cleaning/organizin early, but it’s hard to clear things out when I keep trying to repurpose things! Maybe you’ll give me the inspiration I need to “use it or lose it!”

  2. says

    wow…wonderful idea. Excited to see what you come up with.

    Isn’t Ikea the best…. however I buy too much, and always forget to bring in my bags… ours makes you pay for bags… ouch!

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