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This week I’m sharing with you guys a few things that I love. Wednesday I did a post about scrapbooking today, it’s about sewing… and like I said before, these are just things I love, I didn’t receive any compensation to write about any of them.

Okay, call me biased, but I LOVE Moda fabrics and the Moda Bake Shop blog.  I love to see all of the great projects that their designers come up with for using pre-cuts.  I am always amazed by all of the creativity of the designers on that blog.

Fat Quarters…

There are a whole lot of Fat Quarters on that bookshelf!

Okay,  I LOVE to sew with Fat Quarters! I love to sew with them so much I could write a book about it (except someone else already did).  I love to think up projects that can be made with those rectangles. They are easy to store and inexpensive, and I like being able to get a little bit of each print of lots of different fabrics. Lots of shops sell variety packs of Fat Quarters now, which I love.

Pinking Rotary Cutter Blade

I have pinking shears but I can never seem to get them to cut straight. I’d much rather use the pinking blade for my rotary cutter. You can use it with your ruler to make sure your cut is straight. 
 I used it to make this roll up chalk place mat

Cut Glove

Speaking of rotary tools… Ever since I sliced off the tip of my finger last year, I’ve been using a cut glove ALL THE TIME! Let me tell you IT HURT!  and I will admit to being mildly traumatized by the event. Just wear one on the hand that holds your ruler…  trust me.
Gingher 4″ Embroidery scissors
I love these, they are SHARP and stay that way. They are perfect for cutting out intricate designs for applique. The sharp tips really help to give you a crisp cut. They are also the perfect size if I ever take my sewing with me.

Okay it goes without saying that a sewers favorite item is fabric…. but here are a few that I love.
Okay call me crazy or a stalker or whatever you will… but I love Heather Bailey fabric. I’ve got quite a collection of all 3 of her fabric lines.  I know it sounds a bit cheesy but when I discovered her fabric and made this dress
it really got me wanting to sew again. I had been scrapbooking more back then, but something about that fabric got my creative juices flowing.
Heather Ross
When I saw this image on Heather Ross’ blog about her new fabric coming up, I got so excited!  Living in Kentucky, horses are kinda a big deal, and I can’t wait until this fabric comes out and I get my hands on it.  I just discovered Heather R’s fabric a year ago and am kicking myself that I never got any of the one with the VW buses on it!
I also really love…
Sandi Henderson’s meadowsweet collections… especially the prints with the strawberries (so cute)…
The Sis Boom collections from Jennifer Paganelli... I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her new fabrics… did you see she’s got laminates with it? I totally love it, so preppy chic!
and of course….
Amy Butler
This is her new line, which I haven’t bought yet, but is next on my wish list. 
Can you believe I still have some of her very first Midwest Modern line? I’m afraid to cut it, I think it might cry – can fabric cry? *wink*
Okay so your turn now,   so spill… what’s your favorite sewing item right now???
Melissa Mortenson is the author of the Polka Dot Chair blog which is in its 7th year of sharing fresh and creative ideas with readers. She is the author of “Project Teen, Handmade Gifts your Teen will Actually Love”. Her first fabric line “Derby Style” debuted in January 2015 through Riley Blake Designs. A mom of 3, she considers herself lucky to be living in Kentucky.


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    I finally ditched the scissors with the plastic handles for some “real” Gingher scissors. They are great! I also like my rotary cutting glove too because I did the same thing you did a few months ago! I sliced right through my middle finger (through the fingernail). Yes…it was very traumatic! I thought I would faint as I ran to my husband and cried for him to “do something!” I’m still finding blood spatters in my sewing room! That wasn’t the first time I had hurt myself with that thing either. When even looking at the rotary cutter caused me to sweat and feel queasy, I decided I better buy the glove…LOL!

    Your dress you made is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. says

    Jelly rolls and Kim Brackman’s books about quilts from 2 1/2″ strips are my current obsession. I love Me & My Sisters’ designs and made a quilt out of their Happy collection – with only 2 1/2″ strips of course – this past weekend. Love it!

  3. says

    I’m all about my rotary ruler! It’s made by Fiskars, and it’s the greatest thing ever! I just replaced the blade on it too, so it’s all ready to cut into the “Giddy” jellyroll I’ve been saving for just the right quilt pattern. I’ve never used precuts till recently(gasp, I know) but I’m discovering now that I really love them!

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    I am a brand new quilter/sewer, so I am still learning all the tricks of the trade! :o) I had no idea about the cutting glove–I will have to get one of those. I sliced my finger open really bad a few years ago while cutting an avacado. Let’s just say I share the same memory as you…it was traumatizing! Natural childbirth was less painful than getting needles poked into an open wound. OUCH! :o) Have a blessed day!

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    I have never heard of cut gloves.

    Want to hear something strange? I’m going to say it anyway. :-)

    I haven’t cut my fingers… yet. However, I have cut my stomach and face. How? I had an itch and reached for the spot with cutter in hand (without retracting the blade). Oops! LOL. :-)

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    I have been seriously into hand work right now and two of my favorite items have to do with that. I love paper piecing with Paper Pieces precuts. I recently bought a plastic box that is small enough to carry with me everywhere but large enough to hold an entire project. I also love my sewing kit. It’s a plastic soap dish like you buy for traveling. It’s just large enough for a spool of thread, small scissors, a needle holder, a seam ripper, measuring tape and a few other odds and ends to make a good usable sewing kit. As to the fabric, I’m in love with the fabric from Sweetwater. I’d love to have a fat quarter of each of their new sunkissed line but I also love the Pure and Authentic as well as the christmas line.

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    My grandma bought me a pair of embroidery scissors from the place that makes them in Spain. They are probably my favorite sewing item.

    PS my brother sliced the end of his finger off with a rotary cutter too.

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    I love fabric too! But I bet you knew that about me :) I often by fabrics just because I love it, without having any present use for it. Because you know if you don’t do that, it will be gone! And then I can keep it forever until I can find just the right thing to make with it. The fabric is what it’s all about! And thanks for sharing your favorites :)

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    Okay, so I haven’t pulled out my machine since I found Badge Magic and don’t have to sew on cub scout patches anymore, but I do enjoy a good project once in awhile, as long as it’s pretty basic since that’s about as good as I get, BUT I loved your list. The horse fabric is DARLING! It reminded me of Traci’s Kentucky girl pendants she made with a horse on the other side. I will always be in love with KY, even if my home is far away…

    When I saw that rotary blade, the first thing I thought of was your poor finger! Love the glove (and the comment from above about cutting various parts.. something I would do!)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Oh, and I forgot to comment yesterday about the smocking. Oh my goodness. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Work of art!!

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    I think I would be traumatized by the slice of my finger too. Yikes, reading this made me need a glove.
    I sewed right through my fingernail a couple weeks ago and I am still traumatized so when I sit down to sew now I am extra careful.

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    I’m loving the Schnibbles patterns using 2 charm packs. When I find a new fabric line that I love, I buy the charm packs knowing there will be a Schnibbles pattern that I like to go with it.

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    I just found your blog and was interested in the comments about what people love. I love to use my 5 year old Babylock Evolve serger and I love to try out new techniques on it in order to teach at our local Babylock dealer. I also live in Kentucky – a wonderful, lush, green place to live, AND the horses are nice, too!

    Check out some of my serger projects on my blog at – thanks!

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