We are back from a much anticipated Spring Break trip and I am happy to report we found some Sunshine!
We spent a few days on the “Happiest Place on the Ocean”… Which apparently was many people’s “happiest” place last week,  since it was really crowded.

Then a couple more days seeing the sights in Orlando.  We met Shamu- he’s a ton of fun… literally… (any Big Bang Theory fans out there?)
not Shamu– a Manatee
Of course, I had to give the July Bag a “test run”… I selfishly designed this bag for me,
and it fit all of my junk just right :)
Thanks for the patience last week, as I was not able to answer any emails for several days.  I’m catching up this week, and busy making things to share with ya’ll for this month’s blog theme of “home”.


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    Looks like y’all had a great time! I’m sure you are happy to be home…and now your family has some wonderful memories! :)
    Love your bag…so fresh and pretty!

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    What a fun spring break! Sand, sun, family and hopefully some REST! We’ll have to try out one of these cruises someday. Very cool.

    Wanted and planned on coming to Thunder on Saturday and now it’s forcasted to rain and 1/4 of the great lawn in under water. Hoping last year won’t be my final Thunder (while living in the area). Fingers crossed for better weather!

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