Summer Reading

I ordered a little somethin’ from amazon this week…

It came a few days ago and I’ve been curled up on the couch with a bit of summer reading.

It’s the Fresh Fabric Treats: 16 Yummy Projects to Sew from Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes & More–With Your Favorite Moda Bake Shop Designers Book!

I flipped though it quick and found my project (had to make sure it actually got into the book!)…

Since the cat’s out of the bag, I thought I’d share my project from the book.

It’s 3 patterns in one!

A messenger bag (the September Bag), laptop case and zippy pouch to hold your cords and stuff in.

I designed this bag because I needed something to fit my laptop when I traveled. It’s roomy and fits my laptop perfectly!

It’s got an adjustable strap…

The laptop case is made from foam and lined with Moda Snuggles, so it will keep your laptop super safe and cozy!

The books for sale on now… I’m ordering some for my shop. I don’t know when they will get here, but I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know!

Okay, I know I’m biased, but isn’t my model beautiful?!?


  1. says

    your model did an excellent job, and i agree is beautiful! I ordered this book not too long ago… I’m still awaiting it’s arrival. I practically jump the mailman everyday. I’m excited to make this pattern though – I haven’t ever sewn a bag yet! -Come on, mailman… make me happy!! :D

  2. says

    I’ve already got the book, too (I love Amazon!) and have only had time to flip through it so far. Just from this blog today, I think I need to modify the laptop sleeve to fit my new iPad!
    Oh, and your model is absolutely adorable!

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