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I’m so excited to be giving away an online sewing class to one lucky Polkadot Chair reader!! The comment I get on my blog the most is, “I wish I could sew” or “I’m just a beginner seamstress”..   Here is your opportunity to improve your sewing skills by making this beautiful bag!! (oh my it’s gorgeous, I want to win!! but I can’t).

This class is being taught by Bari J and is being offered by Rick Rack, thread therapy for sewers.
What You Get
  • 1 autographed copy of Bari J. Ackerman’s book, Inspired to Sew
  • 1 downloadable Inspired to Sew Patchwork Rose Zippered Bag how to sew video demonstration;
  • 1 downloadable project instruction sheet w/step-by-step color photos (PDF);
  • 15% discount off entire order (no minimum);
  • Supply list; and
  • 1 hour live chat with Bari J. Ackerman

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a zipper placket
  • How to piece and sew patchwork
  • How to create inside and outside pockets
  • How to make ribbon rosettes
  • How to make and attach bag handles
  • Lining techniques
  • Basic handbag construction

Class begins July 22nd, register by July 20th
You can sign up here

Okay now for the FUN STUFF!!

If you’d like to win a spot in this fun class you can enter below.

This class says it will cure your zipper phobia,  so to enter to win this class, leave a comment here and tell me:

What’s one sewing technique you’ve always been afraid to try, or what technique have you always wanted to learn?

For me it’s hand quilting- I’ve never quite been able to get it down, but would love to conquer it someday!

For a second entry:

Tweet or blog or share on Facebook this giveaway (you can just click the “like” button at the top of this post)- and leave a comment that you did.

For a third entry:
Follow or subscribe to this blog!

Giveaway ends July 18th at Midnight Eastern time!

oh, one more thing- make SURE you leave me your email address, there is a tight turnaround on this contest and I need to be able to contact you quickly to let you know that you won!

go. enter. win.


  1. says

    Wow – this lookd wonderful!! Just one technique that I haven’t tried yet is to use templates. There are so many more! I love to learn new things :)

  2. says

    I am a new to sewing completely. My mom promised to teach me when I was going to be on my maternity leave…but passed away only days after my daughter was born. It means more to me now than ever to learn to sew. My dream is to make a quilt for my daughter like my mom made for me when I was born.

  3. says

    It’s probably a lame fear, but I’m freaked out by knits. I have some cute fabric that I bought and am afraid I’ll make it all stretched out of shape and shrivelly.

  4. says

    Hi there! What a sweet giveaway. I follow your blog on my google reader, I am a follower on your blog &I posted a share on my facebook. I need to learn more about putting elastic into something like baby bloomers. I saw a real cute dress, bucket hat, and bloomers for my 4 month old granddaughter but I didn’t get it because of my fear of the elastic around the legs and waist of the reversable bloomers, yikes!
    Thank you!

  5. says

    I’m about a year into sewing and am too new to be scared of things. I wanted to make a clutch with a zipper so I did it (without a zipper foot). I didn’t know that I was supposed to be intimidated. I guess ignorance is bliss.

  6. says

    zippers & button holes. I’ve struggled through both but try to avoid any project that involves them because I’m not at all confident enough to do them.

  7. says

    While I’ve done simple zippers, I’ve never attempted anything like the bag in your photo! I’d love to win a chance in the class!

    I guess that I have tried a lot of different things in sewing…but the thing that I don’t know how to do is correctly make alterations to clothing. I tried once and ended up ruining the entire outfit. Thankfully I bought it second hand, but still…such a pity!

  8. says

    This is one of the best giveaways! I have always wanted to learn to do piping… I have seen a lot of easy tutorials but am so intimidated by it! Would lOVE this free spot in the class to gain some more confidence in sewing skills. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. says

    I’m terrified of zippers but I think something I’d really like to master is free motion quilting. I know it takes practice but i wanna’ be good now!
    *insert whine here*

  10. says

    I am scared of hand quilting, as you are, but also of paper piecing- going to be trying that very soon. And oh yeah, I’m scared of long arm quilting too- i like quilting with my regular machine, free hand, though :)

  11. says

    I’m usually up for trying new things but for some reason smocking really intimidates me. Huh, I guess I’ll have to get over that hump. Thank for a chance to win such a neat opportunity.


  12. says

    I’d like to learn how to get my ‘curved’ sewing to look alot neater than it does…and also how to judge stopping 1/4″ from the edge when sewing on binding or making gussetted bags! Hugs Naomi

  13. says

    I need to know zippers and more construction in general!! I have textile art down pat with most techniques but give me something that needs a zip, lining, handle or 3D parts that fit together and I break out into a cold sweat, prick myself with pins and swear a lot :)

  14. says

    I am still trying to tackly my fear of knit fabrics – I would love to get in on the action and start sewing dance costumes for my daughters and their dance school to help offset the costs of dancing….
    I also avoid zippers, buttonholes and would love to learn free motion quilting…
    I have recently found myself teaching my neighbour a few hints and tips and a friend which has been a positive in my sewing journey.

  15. says

    Great giveaway!!!! I love that bag.

    I have never made a buttonhole and would love to. But I am totally afraid. I have tried zippers and I stink at them so I really need this class.

  16. says

    I’m definitly nervous about trying a button too. I have that button foot thingy but it looks scary! I’ve only done a zipper once on a little bag but I kinda winged it. It would be nice to know the proper technique.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. says

    I would love for my daughter to learn to sew from someone who is not a beginner like myself. Maybe we could take it together. I need to learn to read patterns! I am a quilter at heart…

  18. says

    Too wierd….I was just talking about how I always been afraid to try a project with a zipper. I always avoid them or use an alternative. I would LOVE to learn!!! Thanks for the Opportunity!!

  19. says

    I am always afraid of button holes. I make my mother in law do them for me. I am sure she would love for me to conquer that fear :o)

  20. says

    I love to do the front of a quilt, but the binding is intimidating. I have tried a few, but I am not satisfied with the finished binging. I am most fearful of spandex…swimsuits! I would love to sew some modest suits for my girls, but run the other way.

  21. says

    Shame on me for not being an official follower sooner! I checked back enough…I am now! Now my addiction to your inspirations and work is even greater :)

  22. says

    I’m a new quilter so any technique would be mighty helpful to me. I’m really wanting to learn how to do the free motion quilting. I have watched countless videos on it and read a bunch of tutorials. I just can’t get up the nerve to try it. I’ve got several crib size quilt tops that I’ve made and they are just sitting there waiting to be quilted. (sigh) Thanks for the giveaway! Amy

  23. says

    Zippers. Zippers are scary to me. So are buttonholes actually. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!


  24. says

    I want to learn to make a bag so bad. I can deal with zippers, I know how to patch quilt, now I want to put all that information together to learn to make a bag!

  25. says

    This looks like a fabulous class and I would love to be able to work on my zipper woes. I have been sewing for a while and still call my mom for my hidden zipper technique review.

  26. says

    Free motion quilting is what I am afraid of. It never turns out how I want it, not to say I am necessarily dissatisfied. I just struggle with it.

  27. says

    I have never even attempted a zipper or a button (reading other commenters comments) but..aside from that I have been buying for months now, vintage sheets at estate sales as I would LOVE to learn to make a quilt from them but alas…I don’t know how to quilt!

  28. says

    I’d love to actually use my serger I received four years ago for Christmas. It has been used once and that was during a beginners class I took from where the serger was purchased.

  29. says

    I <3 sewing, and I’m always ready to learn a new technique! I’d really like to learn how to make ‘neat’ fabric flowers as mine always come out so frayed and ravelly on the backside! Thanks for the give away! I <3 your blog, too!

  30. says

    I would like to learn how to use my zipper foot to put in a zipper that looks like it should look! I’d also like to learn applique. Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway! :)

  31. says

    There are a few techniques I’d like to try, but I’d really like to get better with my serger and knits!

  32. says

    I have done clothing construction and home decor sewing for years, but have never had the nerve to try a quilt. All those little pieces look so intimidating to stitch together. I imagine pieces of material all over the house with none of them squaring up to make the quilt. Thanks!

  33. says

    I would really love to learn how to do a professional looking zipper. I just stay away from anything with a zipper and I need to change that. What a great giveaway!

  34. says

    I would very much love to learn how to machine quilt. Also, be glad to relearn many sewing techniques as I haven’t done much sewing for year. Love your blog.

  35. says

    Wouldn’t that be something, starting this class on my birthday!
    I would just love to learn this techniques to make a beautiful bag like that! It really ‘insprires to sew’!

  36. says

    Hi – i always wanted to learn how to smock. Now I am into learning Rouching (sp?). I have had no formal training just looking online and trying and trying and retrying!! but I love it. I follow you on my Blogroll and will share the give away too. Thanks for the opportunity.

    kbshaw77 (at) gmail (dot) com

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