Tutorial: Easy Peasy Fleece Blanket

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If you are looking for a last minute hand made gift, I’ve got an idea for you.  These blankets are so easy you can make them in a hour!  Plus they take only 3 yds of fleece (which you can find on sale this week) so they are inexpensive to make too!   You’ve got time to whip out a few before Christmas!  They are also great if you are looking for a project that your kids can make with you.

We whipped out 3 of these on Friday night, my 10 yr old daughter ended up helping with everything except the sewing.  It was great to have an extra set of hands to clip all of the fringe.

A few years ago we made the knot fringe fleece blankets.  The only problem with them was as you tied your knots,  the blanket got all out of square and kinda wonky looking.  I was trying to think of a way to keep this from happening and realized I could stitch a box into the center of the blanket to keep it squared up.

I made one of these last year for my husband (with University of Louisville fleece) and it’s been a great blanket.  It was our “go to” stadium blanket for football season.

The reverse side of the blanket

This year I was making them for a few older girls.  I went with solid colors and a simple dot hoping for a more “grown up” feel.

As a finishing touch, I added their initials with applique.

Here’s how you make them:
You need:

1 1/2 yards each of 2 colors of fleece.
Scrap of fleece large enough for an initial – I just bought 1 3/4 yds of one color of fleece instead of 1 1/2
Walking foot for your sewing machine
Sharp Scissors
Matching thread
spray basting (not required but helps)
5″ quilting ruler
Heat n Bond Lite or Wonderunder

To begin.

Lay out one of your 1 1/2 yd cuts of fleece on a large table or the floor. Tape down the corners. Get out all the wrinkles and puckers. (kids are really good at helping with this part)

If desired, spray a little spray basting in the center of the fleece.

Lay down the 2nd piece of fleece on top of the 1st. If you are using a fleece with a “side” you will have wrong sides together.

Use your scissors and remove the selvage edges and make sure that the 2 pieces of fleece are the exact same size.

Using your quilting ruler, measure in 5″ from each side of the blanket.  Pin at 5″ in all around to give yourself a stitching line.

If you are a new sewer I would recommend marking your stitching line with chalk.

Using the walking foot on your machine, stitch around the entire blanket along the 5″ lines you just pinned.  Try to keep the blanket as flat as possible as you stitch.
Using your scissors, trim the fringe approx every 2″ around the entire blanket. Stop well short of your stitching line.
Print out your letter.  I used times new roman font at 800 pts in Word.
Lay your letter UPSIDE down and trace it onto your heat n bond lite.  (use a light box or a bright window).  Your letter will be reversed.
Trim around your heat n bond lite and using a pressing cloth, iron onto your scrap fleece.
Cut out letter.
Lay your letter on your blanket in the corner.  Remove the backing of the heat n bond and using a pressing cloth, press the letter onto the blanket.
Stitch around the edge of the letter.

If desired, on the back of the blanket, using small scissors. Trim out the inside of the letter you just stitched. Cutting out ONLY the back fabric of your blanket, leaving the top fabric showing through.

That’s it!! See easy huh!!!

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  1. says

    Thanks for this great project idea. I was looking for something easy to make for an outdoor movie night party, and these will be perfect. They look much sleeker than the tied blankets!

  2. jan says

    When you usually make tie blankets you cut the square out on each corner to keep it from bunching but it looks like you didn’t do that.Does sewing it eliminate the need to do this?

  3. Sheila Perl says

    I really like the look of your blanket! It looks so neat and tidy with the cut edges and I think the reverse applique is brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing!! :)

  4. Carrie says

    This is an easy tutorial for a Linus Blanket……..instead of the letter you can put a animal or a happy face on the blanket. The Linus foundation has a web site where anyone can make blankets for children in local hospitals. Everyone loves a snugly blanket when they feel ill. Just make sure the fabric you use is not too thin as some of the discount stores have inferior material. If every seamstress gave one blanket just think how many children would feel loved each night. I use permanent ink to draw the face on the animal…No buttons or items a child could remove. I even put special pockets on so that they can put their treasures in them.

  5. Elaine says

    I didn’t see how you removed the corner pieces. Perhaps I didn’t understand that very well. I love having a blanket without the knots. It is much more comfortable especially for a small child. Thanks for your interesting blogs.


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