A fun idea for Senior Pictures

My sister in law is the photographer for her daughters Field Hockey team. She came with a great idea to make a banner with “Class of 2012″ to use for photos of the seniors this year.

She enlisted my help to make the banner and I was happy to help!  I love a good project, and she had an awesome idea.

The banner was simple, I just used various blue fabrics, cut them to 10″x10″ then into triangles using my ruler and pinking blade for my rotary cutter.

The banner to be double sided – I put my nieces name on the other side so that she could use it later.

To do this I just put 2 10″x10″ fabric squares  wrong sides together and cut them at the same time with the pinking blade.  I then just stitched around the edges about 1/4″ in.   I then sewed the banner pieces to a piece of bias tape and stitched some extra ribbon to the ends.

The lettering was done with felt and just ironed on (I didn’t stitch through it).

If you want to make one yourself, Traci of Amazing Mae has a great tutorial on her site.

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