Washi Tape Paper!

The fun people at Lifestyle Crafts sent me a fabulous package of some of their newest products to try out!

I’ve had a great time playing around with them… so far my FAVORITE thing is their NEW Washi Tape by the sheet!!

It’s the same great stuff you get on a roll, but in a sheet.  This way you can cut it, shape it and do all kinds of other fun stuff.

I picked blue and orange since I’m wanting to start working on my Netherlands travel scrapbook- and Orange is THE color of the Netherlands!

I’ve got a fun project to share with you next week, but I wanted to stop in today and let you know that Lifestyle Crafts is upgrading your coupon code this week!   Instead of the normal 20% off for readers, this week it’s 50%!

Just use code POLKADOT when you check out- deal goes Jan 21-27th.

They’ve got lots of new fun stuff to pick from, including the Shape N Tape kitthat is pictured above (includes ALL of the die shapes, but not the arrows shapes or tape sheets)….

Have fun and SHOP!

 *disclosure: Affiliate links included in this post

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