DIY Polka Dot Glitter Table Runner

DIY Polka Dot Glitter Table Runner

 A big thanks to Meijer for sponsoring this post by providing the supplies for todays project // Even after yet another major storm last weekend, I can feel Spring in the air.  It will be much appreciated this year after a winter full of snow, ice and the notorious Polar Vortex. Feeling inspired by the upcoming Spring season, I decided that for Project Polka Dot I would make a Polka Dot Glitter Table Runner. 


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I have a chest in my dining room that you see when you first enter the house. I love to decorate this chest each season and holiday.   I thought this would be the perfect spot for a simple polka dot table runner.

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My dining room is painted gray and is done mostly in neutrals, I love that I can add color as I want to the during the year. Red looked great in there at Christmastime and now that Spring is close by I thought some shades of aqua would be a nice addition.

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And hello, glitter!! Y’all should just know that I adore glitter (Well you might already know if you’ve been a long time reader, it pops up in projects here frequently).

The project was not difficult to make, and it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Honestly as I started it I thought “what have I gotten myself into?”… but it turns out the whole thing was done in less than an hour.

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Did you know that March is National Craft Month? I think it’s really cool, although my kids would tell you that in my world every month is National Craft Month. It seems like I’m always mid project or in the middle of shopping for my next project.

Recently I rediscovered the craft supplies section at my local Meijer store.  I popped in there to grab some milk and wandered over to the crafts aisle…. or should I say aisles?


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My local store has recently expanded their craft section, I found fabric, scrapbooks supplies, beads, felt, sewing supplies and yarn.  I spent more than a few minutes perusing the aisles.  Grocery shopping is not my favorite, so being able to distract myself with pretty craft supplies is always a welcome distraction.

Okay, now back to the project. If you’d like to make your own runner, you can grab the supplies at Meijer that you’ll need:

  • Table Runner – it comes pre made ready to decorate
  • Fabric Glue
  • Glitter
  • Round Sponge Brushes
  • Grid Ruler

Just a note, I ended up using more than one shade of the blue glitter. If you want your runner all the same shade of blue, buy 3 packages.

To begin, press your table runner.

Next, you need to lay out a grid pattern for your dots.  To do this, line up the runner with a ruler on the bottom, (you can use a cutting mat) and use a ruler. The table runner is 13” wide, but only 12” wide between the hems.  So I worked in the space between the hems, to make the math simpler.

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Measure over every 2” and then place a mark  at the 2”, 4” , 6”, 8” and 10” points.

Move down 2” on the runner and place marks at 1”, 3”, 5”, 7”, 9” & 11” . I used a fabric pen, but you can use a normal pen as your marks will be covered up by glitter.

Do this for the entire runner.

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Pour some fabric glue onto a paper plate.  Then dip your sponge into the glue. Get an even coat on the sponge (be careful not to let the glue build up on the sides of the sponge). I used the sponge that was about 1” in diameter.

Place one dot of glue over each dot on your runner.  You will need to re load glue onto your sponge each time.

I found that it worked best to work 2 rows at a time.  Place the dots with glue, then go back, and without reloading the sponge with more glue, go over each dot a second time. The second stamp with the sponge seemed to even out the glue and make a better dot.

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Then sprinkle the two rows of dots with glitter.  Repeat and do two more rows.

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Keep going until the entire runner is covered.  Let the runner sit to dry for two hours.

If you can, shake the excess glitter onto a plate, if not just shake off the runner outside (I had glittery snow today *wink*).

Your dots won’t be perfect, but to me thats part of the charm of this project. If there are any very large mistakes, you can go back and fix them by placing a small amount of glue on the dot, and sprinkling on a bit more glitter.

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How to make a Polka Dot Glitter Table Runner on

Okay, so are you ready to make one for yourself?

I’ve got a very special coupon to share with you. This month in honor of National Craft Month, Meijer is offering you 20% off your total craft purchase.
Use the mPerks digital coupon code “c4tb8d” to receive 20% off your craft purchase (valid 3/1-4/1).

It’s a mPerks coupon, which means you don’t need a paper coupon. Simply sign up for mPerks with your mobile phone number and clip the offer. Then, punch in your mobile phone number and PIN at checkout to instantly redeem your savings.

Aside from the coupon, there will be many other specials during March for Meijer shoppers. Check out your local store for specials each week or keep an eye out on your mPerks account.

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Now all I need is green grass, tulips and sunshine… *sigh*
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  1. Judy says

    Love the glitter dots runner! Yesterday, we had tiny snowflakes falling with the sun shinning…and they looked like GLITTER! Many thanks for the polka dots tutorials to come.
    J Martin

    • says

      As much as I’ve been complaining about winter this year I do have to admit that the snow and ice has been beautiful. We had a day a few weeks ago when the trees were all iced up and the sun hitting them looked like magic. It was amazing. but I’m ready for Spring.


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