Caramel Waffles or Stroopwafels

Caramel Waffle Recipe

This delicious post is sponsored by Domino Sugar as a part of the Mom it Forward Network // One of my husbands favorite treats during the time he lived in the Netherlands were Stroopwafels.  These waffles found mostly at outdoor markets, were crispy cookie like waffles with a caramel syrup filling.  You can buy them… 

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A few travel scrapbook pages


Last Spring I spent a wonderful few days in the Netherlands.  I’m just now starting to go through the photos and get them properly scrapbooked. Lifestyle Crafts has introduced a new product called Shape N Tape. It’s essentially washi tape by the sheet. They contacted me asking if they could send me some to play… 

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Day One: Amsterdam, The City


I loved Amsterdam. I’ll admit before we left I was a bit worried.  Every travel book I’d read and every travel show I’d watched in preparation all focused on Amsterdam’s “seedier” components.  Being someone not interested in those components, I was concerned. After traveling there, I’ve decided many of those assumptions about Amsterdam are not… 

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i amsterdam

image source Almost exactly 20 years ago my husband returned home from a 2 year mission for our church.  He served in the Netherlands and fell in love with the country while he was there.  Ever since we have been married we have talked about going back, but something always came up.   This year… 

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