College Kid Cleaning Kit with Free Printable’s and Target GiftCard® Giveaway!

Cleaning Kit for a kid off to College: Complete with free printable cleaning check lists!

Today I sent two of my three kids back to school.  I still have one more yet to start, that’s because she’s about to start her second year of college. I seriously cannot believe that time has passed that fast. I know it sounds cheesy, but it seems like just yesterday that she had her… 

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2013 Family Scrapbook

Family Scrapbook Ideas on

This post is sponsored as part of Lifestyle Crafts monthly design team. Watch for a great new idea each month this year.  Hello! Did you miss me? I’m happy to report that (at least for now) I’m back up and running in the blogging/technology department.  It’s been a frustrating 2 weeks, but I took it… 

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Polka Dot Clipboard Sign by eighteen25

polkadot clipboard project

Hello! It’s Jen, Jamie and Jodie from eighteen25 here today and we are so excited to be included in PROJECT POLKA DOT! We are just in love with this fun series because let’s face it, polka dots just have a way of making you feel happy! Today we want to share with you how we made… 

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Preserve your Family Recipes

Family Recipe Book

Today while looking a book I remembered a project I did for my Mom a couple of years ago…I thought someone might like the idea so I dug up the photos to share. I can’t believe I forgot about this, since it is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done. I come from a… 

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Jewelry storage idea


For years my jewelry has been a mess. I love necklaces… 90% of them are just costume. They would get tangled, and lost and I could never tell what I had. So when we moved I decided to put them up on the wall. My husband wasn’t 100% thrilled with the idea, he thought it… 

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