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DIY Derby Horse Necklace

The first Saturday in May around here means one thing: It’s Kentucky Derby time! To celebrate, I’m excited to share these DIY Derby Horse Necklaces, which would make great party favors!

plastic horses on a table with paper flowers and green string

 The city of Louisville rolls out the red carpet once a year and welcomes the world. The two weeks leading up to the Derby are full of lots of fun local events. It’s truly the best time of the year to be in Kentucky.

plastic derby horses hanging on wall with paper flowers

These necklaces are very easy and inexpensive to make. They would be fun favors for your Derby party and for the kids to wear to school during Derby week.  

early morning shot of paddock at churchill downs

My daughter will wear one when we go to Dawn at the Downs this week. Important note: These necklaces contain small parts and are not intended to be used by small children.

plastic horses on a table with paper flowers

How to Make a Horse Necklace

plastic horses on a table with paper flowers


  • Plastic Horses (they come in a tube, and you can buy them at all of the big craft stores)
  • Bamboo Cording (or silk if you prefer)
  • Small eye hooks
  • Poker Tool (may be called a stiletto or an awl)
  • Flower Stickers or other embellishments.


horse on white table with awl

Using your poker tool, poke a hole in the back of the horse. It does not need to be deep but wide enough to start your eye hook.

Insert the eye hook into the hole you just started.

plastic horses on a table with paper flowers

Tighten the eye as much as you can. The horses I used were soft plastic, and tightening the eye the required amount was easy.

plastic horses on a table with paper flowers

Glue a paper flower on.  You can go crazy if you like at this point… use all kinds of fun embellishments.

plastic horses on a table with paper flowers

Cut a piece of bamboo cording to length and loop it through the eye hook. Then tie it off at the end.

plastic derby horses hanging on wall with paper flowers

Easy peasy right!!???!

girl in blue dress
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  1. Love it Melissa! I would LOVE to go to a Kentucky Derby one day! It’s on my life list! For now I just watch it on TV!

    1. I still have not been to THE Kentucky Derby either! Just the race the day before which is JUST as much fun. But I do need to go to the Derby one day just to say I’ve been.

  2. These are amazing! What a fantastic idea, and you could do it with pretty much any small toy too! x

  3. These are super cute! I’ve seen a couple of your ideas for a Derby Party and it’s wonderful! My girls (twins) were born on Oaks day last year and that means that their first birthday is Derby Day!!! We are planning a Derby birthday party for them! Thank you for the great ideas and tips! Can’t wait to begin working on them!

  4. Would you consider a special order of these for a Derby party? I live in Spain and don’t have access to any craft stores to make these lovelies. Do you have an etsy page or take special orders?

  5. Awl.
    This is such a really cute idea. I have a 3 yr old great-granddaughter who moved to WY. recently and many of her mom’s and grandmother’s friends own horses. Having heard a lot about how much she enjoys riding horses you just gave me (and probably others) an excellent way to keep in touch with her and add to her latest interest.
    Thanks so very much!
    Have a great Derby month!

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