Glitter Polka Dot T-Shirt by Capturing Joy

Hi friends! I’m Kristen, I’m so happy to be here to share my polka dot project! I blog over at Capturing Joy where I like to share photo tips, DIY projects, and my family favorite recipes.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Recently, I made a glitter anchor shirt for all of my family to wear on a trip we took. I loved how it all came together, and I thought it would be fun to make a glitter polka dot t-shirt to share here.

Glitter Polka Dot T-shirt by

I used vinyl paper as my stencil, because I like how it sticks to my surface (I also hear you can iron on parchment paper). I am fairly new to my vinyl cutting machine, and love it’s capabilities, but I haven’t invested a lot of time in figuring it all out. I think my blade broke halfway through my cutting process and wasn’t able to fix it. SOOO, I had my big dots at the bottom, which I planned to graduate up and have just a few spaced at the top. Instead I used a mini hole punch I had on the top half. I actually like how it turned out with my subtle color/polka dots with most of the attention at the bottom!

I found the template for the polka dots on the Silhouette program. I used fabric paint, glitter, and fabric mod podge. The painting part is pretty quick, but there are several drying stages that it’s best to find a good spot out of the way (unlike I did on my kitchen counter) for proper drying time.

Here are the basic steps

  1. Apply vinyl
  2. One coat of pain
  3. Let dry
  4. Second coat of paint
  5. Immediately douse with glitter
  6. let dry
  7. mod podge all over to seal in the glitter
  8. let dry overnight
  9. peel off vinyl

Here is a quick picture collage of the process (most taken at night with my cell phone) and the paint/glitter I used from Hobby Lobby. Conveniently with price tags on them, but I use their coupons from my phone for 40-50% off, and they are used for several projects. (If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you can get them on Amazon. Fabric Mod Podge, tulip fabric paint, glitter.)

how to make glitter polka dot shirt by

If I knew how to use my machine better I wouldn’t have had to piece together vinyl, but it all worked out!

I just love a little polka dots AND glitter in my life, and if you do, too, make yourself a fancy shirt! Thanks for having me over, Melissa!

polka dot glitter t-shirt by

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