Ruth’s Reversible Polka Dot Pinafore

Hello Polka Dot Chair fans!
Today we are so excited to be visiting here at Melissa’s place.  We can’t say enough good about her…she is just plain classy…and we love her…and will make up any excuse we can to hang out with her…
We, by the way, are Elizabeth and liZ from Simple Simon and Company.  We are two girls who married brothers and ended up with the exact same name…and the same number of children…and a talent for becoming involved in mayhem…and a love of sewing.
We also…love polka dots and vintage patterns so when Melissa told us about her series I (liZ) knew exactly what I wanted to make!


 If I’ve made one of these pinafores I’ve made a million.  I just love them on my chubby little toddler types.  The pattern is a 1960’s vintage Simplicity  #9994 pattern that I bought at a thrift store for 50 cents.
I love vintage patterns.  They really are the best…that is how I learned to sew:  with vintage patterns purchased at the thrift store.  (There really is no school like the old school.)  And I can almost guarantee that if you were to go to your local thrift store today you could pick up one of these same pinafore patterns (I always find some version of this pattern while I am thrifting…) for less than a dollar.
 I did make one change to this pattern however.  I made it reversible.
And I did it because I am in currently in love with Riley Blake Designs Le Crème line.
So I chose the large dots in navy for one side and the navy swiss dots for the other side.
I also made her a pair of shorts but when it came time to put them on…
…she HATED them.  (I talking loathed entirely.)
So after an epic battle I gave up and told her to find a pair of pants she wanted.
Which is how we ended up wearing lime green corduroys….
She’s a funny girl.
 But oh how I love her.
And if green pants make her happy….
Then green pants it is!
(Even if they are her big sisters.)
Thanks Melissa for inviting us over today!  It was a perfect chance for me to make Ruth something for the warmer weather ahead (and out of fabric that I love!).
Thank you so much Liz! I love that she wouldn’t wear the shorts! That’s sooo something my kids would do!
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  1. I love ANYTHING posted by these 2 lovely women!! Aside from the fact that they are fantastic seamstress’, they have THE most adorable children!!!

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