Simple Patchwork Queen Sized Quilt

I created a simple patchwork queen-sized quilt for my daughter to use on her bed.  Let me tell you a bit about the quilt. 

My daughter needed something “jazzier” on the bed in her room.  I picked up a few fabrics at the quilt shop in SLC, then ordered some online when I got home.  

They are just 9″ blocks. I decided to do a row of each color theme, starting with pink in the middle and mirroring out each way, a row of a black, row of blue. I just wish I could have found more fabric prints in that blue color.

The quilt is made up of 12 rows of 9″ blocks. There are 10 blocks in each row. The quilt also has a 4″ border all around the edge.

For the backing I used a queen sized polka dot sheet.

I adore how this quilt turned out. It gives the room so much more pizzaz! I really wanted to bring out the black in her bed and her dresser.

Close up of the quilting

Photo of the whole quilt:

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  1. It’s darling Melissa! My favorite thing about Kari’s room HAS to be her curtains, they are to die for!

  2. Wow-that is beautiful!! Love the fabric and colors. Don’t let me girls see it-we have to do their room over and I haven’t started yet!!

  3. Super cute…your daughter is a lucky girl that her mom is so creative and her room is set up and decorated so cute by you.

    Hope you are doing well.


  4. oh my gosh, what a great quilt, and I love the black bed, who would have thunk a black bed for a young girl, it is great!! I will have to snoop through more of your blog/pics to see the process of your quilt, both girl and room are LOVELY!

  5. I love it! I’m even slower than you because I’m still in the “thinking/ planning” phase of making my daughter a quilt for her bed.

  6. I love her room! Do you happen to remember the name of paint color on her walls? I’m trying to find the same color for my little girl’s room and overwhelmed by choices at the paint counter.

  7. Do you have a template/pattern for this Quilt? I absolutely love it and will make it for a textiles assignment!

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