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40+ Free Baby Quilt Patterns & Tutorials

I’m excited to share more than 40 of my favorite free baby quilt patterns with you! Baby quilts are great projects for quilters of all skill levels since they are small and relatively quick to sew.

collage image of four baby quilt patterns and text

Looking for the perfect baby quilt pattern? Look no further! We have over 40 free patterns and tutorials to help you create a beautiful and unique quilt for your little one.

Years ago, when I first got back into quilting, I did it because I wanted to learn how to make a baby quilt to give as a gift at a baby shower. Making a baby quilt to give as a gift is one of the main reasons many want to learn how to quilt.

I know many of you here are avid quilters, but I also frequently hear from those wanting to learn how to quilt. I’m frequently asked, “How do I make a quilt from start to finish?”  I actually love those kinds of questions because it means that people are interested in quilting! 

When they ask me how to learn how to quilt, I always tell them one thing. The only way to learn is by doing! Just pick a project and start. If it turns out badly, don’t show it to anyone.

I’ve compiled over 25 baby quilt patterns that I think are simple, fun, and unique. Each one of them would be beautiful in a baby’s nursery.

Most of these are free quilt patterns. A few are not, but I do not mind supporting fellow Makers and purchasing a well-written pattern. I’m sure that all of you feel the same way.

Baby Gifts to Sew

If you want to make a gift for a baby but aren’t sure if you want to make a quilt, here are a few project suggestions.

What is the Easiest Quilt Pattern for a Beginner?

If you’re new to quilting, I recommend either a Simple Patchwork quilt or a Simple Strip quilt to start. The simple strips quilt is great for a beginning quilter since it does not require you to match any points in your corners.

What Size is a Baby Quilt?

Since a baby quilt is not made to fit a bed, you can make it any size you’d like. If you’d like some guidance, here are my suggestions.

The most common baby quilt sizes are:

  • 36″ x 36″ – In my opinion, square quilts are easy to make and design. This size is great for newborns since it’s not too large.
  • 36″ x 48″ – If you prefer a rectangle quilt, 36″ x 48″ is a great size, especially if you’re making the quilt out of 12″ blocks. It’s three blocks wide by four blocks tall.
  • A crib quilt is considered 36″ x 52″.
  • If you’re designing the quilt yourself, if you keep it less than 38″ wide, you’ll be able to back it with standard quilt fabric yardage (42″ wide), saving construction costs.

How Do I Make a Baby Quilt?

To make a baby quilt, you complete a set of simple steps.

  1. Choose a design (or baby quilt pattern) for your quilt (we have a lot of suggestions in this article if you’re stumped!
  2. Select fabrics for your quilt. If you are new to quilting baby quilts made from pre-cut fabrics, it helps save you a lot of time. I always recommend using 100% cotton quilting weight fabrics when constructing a baby quilt.
  3. If you’re having a hard time choosing fabrics or colors for your quilt, we have a list of suggested color combos for quilts on our site. Think beyond pastels for baby quilt color schemes!
  4. Cut up your fabric and sew it back together again! Seems funny when you put it that way right? But it’s pretty accurate. Following the directions on the pattern, you choose to assemble the pieces of fabric until you have a completed quilt top. Pay careful attention to your fabric placement as you construct your quilt.
  5. How to finish your quilt: Create a quilt “sandwich” with a quilt top, backing, and batting. You can also send your quilt top to a professional long-arm quilter to do these steps.
  6. Using a home machine, quilt the layers of fabric together. You’ll need to use a walking foot for this step.
  7. After you are finished quilting the top, cut the layers even and bind the quilt. I prefer to bind my quilts by machine.
Simple Strip Quilt

What Supplies Do I Need to Sew a Baby Quilt?

Quilt supplies are very fun to buy and collect. It’s easy to go a bit crazy. You don’t really need many supplies. If you’re new, I recommend starting with the following items. Then, you can add more supplies as you go. This also allows you to see which types of supplies and which brands you enjoy working with most.

What is a Fat Quarter?

You’ll notice that many of the baby quilts on this list mention “Fat Quarter” or say they are “Pre-Cut” Friendly.

A fat quarter of fabric is a quarter yard of fabric that is cut to yield an 18″ x 22″ piece of fabric rather than a 9″ x 44″ piece of fabric from a traditional cut. It is common to see pre-cut fat quarter packs of fabric for sale. Many designers write quilt patterns designed specifically for Fat Quarters.

Other common pre-cut fabric sizes are:

  • Layer Cake – made up of 10″ x 10″ fabric squares
  • Charm Pack – consists of 5″ x 5″ fabric squares
  • Rolie Polie or Jelly Roll- contains 2 1/2″ x WOF (width of fabric) strips.

Free Baby Quilt Patterns from the Polka Dot Chair

Whether you’re an experienced quilter or new to the quilting world, I hope you’ll find a project to inspire you! All of the baby quilt patterns I chose for this list are easy to follow and feature step-by-step instructions, making them great for quilters of all skill levels.

1. Free Turnstile Block Baby Quilt Pattern

This Turnstile quilt is super simple since it’s made up of just one quilt block repeated nine times. 

2. Giant Hunter’s Star Baby Quilt Pattern

Inspired by the Hunter’s Star blocks, which are normally sewn on a smaller scale, this free baby quilt pattern is made from large squares and triangles. Making it a great one for a beginner!

3. Giant Bear Paw Free Baby Quilt Pattern

This Giant Bear Paw Baby quilt is slightly larger than a standard baby quilt at 58″ x 58,” but I don’t think the recipient will mind the extra warmth. This quilt is precut-friendly and is constructed using 10″ pre-cut squares!

Free tutorial for a Dresden Baby Quilt, so cute and simple!

4. Dresden Block Baby Quilt Tutorial

The Dresden Burst Baby Quilt is a fun quilt to stitch up and pretty quick to make, as it uses just 3 Dresden quilt blocks appliqued on a larger piece of fabric.

5. Giant Star Baby Quilt Pattern

Since the Giant Star Baby quilt uses such big squares (and half-square triangles of fabric, it’s great for beginners. It’s also easy to customize to any decor style, from modern to traditional.

6. Simple Sawtooth Star Baby Quilt

This Simple Sawtooth Star quilt features mostly just squares, making it great for beginners. A few Sawtooth stars are interspersed with the square blocks to give the quilt some interest.

7. Soft ‘n Snuggly Sensory Baby Quilt Tutorial

This Sensory Baby Quilt is one of my all-time favorite baby quilts. It’s a simple baby quilt sewn using a combination of minke, corduroy, chenille, and flannel fabrics. All of the different textures of fabrics are perfect for a new baby.

8. Patchwork Star Baby Quilt Tutorial by Diary of a Quilter

Photo Credit: diaryofaquilter.com

This Patchwork Star Baby quilt was created by Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter and is a fun take on a one-block quilt.

9. His & Hers Personalized Free Baby Quilt Pattern

Create a baby quilt with a bit of personalization using this His & Hers Personalized Free Baby Quilt tutorial on our site. The border is made from 10″ pre-cut stacks of fabric.

10. Fat Quarter Baby Dress & Easy Baby Quilt

This Fat Quarter Baby Dress & Easy Baby Quilt tutorial is a fun way to use up a Fat Quarter pack of fabric. Just chop them in half and stitch them together!

11. Easy Charm Pack Quilt Tutorial

Photo Credit: www.coralandco.com

Pre-cuts are great to use for baby quilts since so much of the work is done for you ahead of time. This Easy Charm Pack Quilt Tutorial uses a 5″ stack of fabric (sometimes called charm squares)and turns it into a fun quilt using this tutorial from Coral & Co.

12. How to Make a Quilt from Vintage Hankies

Use up some of those hankies just sitting around gathering dust with our free tutorial teaching you How to Make a Quilt from Vintage Hankies.

13. Snuggle Bunny Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit: www.jedicraftgirl.com

This baby Snuggle Bunny Quilt Pattern by Amanda from Jedi Craft Girl is perfect for showing off some of your favorite novelty fabrics. It’s a bit more detailed than a simple patchwork quilt but is totally doable for a confident beginner-level quilter.

pink and blue patchwork quilt

14. Simple Patchwork Quilt

You can’t beat simple patchwork! This Simple Patchwork Quilt is made up entirely of squares. You can resize it, however you’d like based on how much fabric you have. This one is very easy to customize to match a baby’s room since you can create this quilt with any combination of simple squares that you would like.

15. Snuggly Bricks Fat Quarter Quilt Tutorial

Create a quick quilt using a fat quarter pack of fabric with this free Snuggly Bricks Fat Quarter Quilt Tutorial!

16. Snuggly Layer Cake Quilt Pattern

 An oldie but a goodie! This Snuggly Layer Cake Quilt Pattern is one of the first ones I created for the blog. It’s created using a Layer Cake (10″ fabric stacker).

Simple Strip Quilt

17. Easy Scrappy Strips Baby Quilt Pattern

This Easy Scrappy Strips Baby Quilt Pattern is made from strips of fabric, and I share a fun trick to cut and piece the strips quickly with you in the pattern. You can find all of the detailed instructions to create this quilt on our blog. The best part of this pattern? Since it’s made up of staggered strips, there are no corners to match!

navy and white herringbone quilt on white wall

18. Herringbone Baby Quilt Pattern using the 8-at-a-time HST Method

This Herringbone Baby Quilt Free Baby Quilt Pattern has a modern vibe when created using all solid fabrics. It’s the perfect quilt for younger parents looking for more modern baby quilt patterns. You can also make it from print fabrics if you prefer a scrappier feel to your quilts.

coral and white quilt draped over chair by pool

19. Half Square Triangle Quilt Layouts & Free Baby Quilt Pattern

Create a sweet little baby quilt with our Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt Pattern. It’s FREE. Did you know that you can rearrange half square triangle quilt blocks in dozens of ways to create brand-new patterns? The construction is the same for each quilt pattern, but simply rotating the blocks yields completely different results. We walk you through all the steps in our tutorial.

20. How to Make a Simple Triangle Quilt

This quilt was actually designed as a lap quilt for my daughter, who was headed off to college at the time. However, the size is also great to use for a new baby. You can easily make it smaller by not adding as many rows of triangles. Learn How to make a Simple Triangle Quilt with our free tutorial.

21. FREE Squared Quilt Pattern

Photo Credit: suzyquilts.com

This FREE Squared Quilt Pattern would be great to use if you’re sewing with a fabric panel or other fabric with a specific image or novelty print.

22. Big Love Quilt / Tutorial

Modern Handcraft is one of my favorite quilt blogs to follow for modern quilt patterns with bold shapes. I love her Big Love Quilt Tutorial. How sweet would this be for a new baby?

23. Zoo Dwellers Quilt Tutorial Reboot

Photo Credit: www.abrightcorner.com

Andi, who writes the Bright Corner blog, has a LOT of free patterns on her site. She’s an accomplished quilter who has been published in many books. This Zoo Dwellers Quilt Tutorial Reboot is a perfect beginner quilt pattern.

24. Lattice Baby Quilt Tutorial | Quilting Tutorials

Photo Credit: www.diaryofaquilter.com

This beautiful Lattice Baby Quilt Tutorial can be found on Diary of a Quilter. Amy has SO MANY cute quilts on her blog. This lattice baby quilt is one of my favorites since it can be made with precut fabrics.

25. Baby Coin Quilt – Simple Simon and Company

Photo Credit: www.simplesimonandco.com

A “coin” quilt refers to a row of fabrics sewn together to look like a stack of coins. This Baby Coin Quilt pattern features several small rectangles sewn into a long row. It is very simple, and since there are no cross seams there are no seams to match.

26. Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt

Photo Credit: cluckclucksew.com

This Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt is one of my favorite quilt finishes by Allison. This quilt can easily be customized for a baby girl or a baby boy, depending on the fabrics you choose to create your quilt.

27. Finished Baby Quilt + Tutorial

Photo Credit: www.diaryofaquilter.com

Amy creates a lot of new baby quilts (her friends and family must love her, she gives great gifts!). This Finished Baby Quilt + Tutorial is a clever take on a simple strips quilt. The reds and greens really pop against the white background.

28. 1+1 Modern Baby Quilt Tutorial

Photo Credit: blog.rileyblakedesigns.com

This 1+1 Modern Baby Quilt Tutorial is striking thanks to the use of rectangles in several different solid fabrics. This pattern would be great for someone who prefers more modern baby quilts.

29. Free Easy Layer Cake Baby Quilt pattern

Photo Credit: www.quiltylove.com

A Layer Cake is a pre-cut stack of fabric in which all of the squares are “pre cut” to 10″ x 10″. It’s a great time saver and a great way to make a baby quilt. I love this Free Easy Layer Cake Baby Quilt pattern over at Quilty Love.

30. A Pink Classic Quilt Tutorial

Photo Credit: cluckclucksew.com

Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew writes beautiful quilt patterns that are easy to follow. This Pink Classic Quilt Tutorial is made up of Quarter Square Triangles.

31. Checkered Streets Baby Quilt Tutorial

Photo Credit: weallsew.com

This Checkered Streets Baby Quilt Tutorial on BERNINA’s blog is a bit more involved than some of the quilt patterns on the list, but the result is a striking modern baby quilt.

32. Free Swiss Cross Quilt Pattern – A Modern Black and White Quilt

Photo Credit: www.coralandco.com

The bold plus signs on this Free Swiss Cross Quilt Pattern remind me of vintage Pendleton blankets. This quilt is just made up of squares of two colors of fabric sewn together in a way to create this great plus motif.

New to Quilting?  Make sure you Check out these Articles

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Getting Started Quilting: The Basics

How to Make a Quilt from Start to Finish

How to Finish a Quilt

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns you can Buy

Free tutorials and patterns are great, but sometimes you need a bit more information than you can find on a blog or online. In that case, you might want to try buying a pattern.

You’ll get loads of information and detailed instructions in an easy-to-print-at-home format.

Simple Strip Quilt

33. Scrappy Strips Baby Quilt Pattern

A printable version of our free scrappy strips tutorial that features additional quilt sizes.

collage image of four baby quilts

34-37. Baby Quilt Tutorial Bundle

If you’d like an easy-to-print version of some of our most popular baby quilt patterns, you can find one in our shop. Includes, His & Hers Baby Quilts, Dresden Burst Baby Quilt & Turnstile Baby Quilt Pattern.

Printed Tote Bag and Quilt Sewing Patterns by Melissa Mortenson of polkadotchair.com

38. Gingham Daydream Quilt Pattern

Our Gingham Daydream quilt pattern can be made in three sizes, baby, lap, and Twin sized quilts.

gray, green and blue quilt on ladder in front of white wall

39. Picnic Crossing Quilt Pattern

The Picnic Crossing quilt pattern comes in two different sizes. A lap quilt and a baby quilt. The baby quilt is very quick to make as it features a single oversized quilt block.

Patchwork Safari Quilt Pattern by Melissa Mortenson featuring Safari Party Fabrics, a cute take on a plus quilt pattern! Simple and fun!

40. Patchwork Safari Quilt Pattern

Another quilt pattern is offered in multiple sizes! The baby quilt size might be my favorite, but you can also get it in a large lap-sized quilt.

More than 25 free baby quilt patterns.

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  1. If anyone makes a quilt they think didn’t turn out well, there’s always a charity that will be happy to “take it off your hands”!!!

  2. All your quilts are beautiful. On the first one Dresden Burst you have a zebra may I ask where you got it. I have a daughter with a disabled child I know she would love it for him.
    Thank You

  3. Hello Melissa,
    I love your scrappy strips baby quilt in the blues and pinks but it looks like the Hello Baby range of fabrics is no longer available. I’ve searched for it on the Riley Blake website but nothing comes up.
    I don’t know how long ago you first published this article but do you know if it is still possible to get these fabrics? They are SO pretty!
    Thank you,

    1. It’s been out of print for years. I’d suggest searching on Etsy. Many older fabric lines are available there.

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