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Christmas Albums DONE!

A few years ago I decided to jump in on Ali Edwards 25 days of December.  The idea was to document each day in December to show how your “everyday” life runs leading up to Christmas.

I finished my ’80 and ’09 albums about 90% and I had to skip ’10.  This year I picked it back up again. I just finished my 2011 album along with putting the finishing touches on my ’08 & ’09 albums.

All 3 years albums

I thought I’d share a few pages from my 2011 album with you. This year I decided to keep it simple and just do a 3 ring binder for the album with divided page protectors.

The divided page protectors helped the album come together very fast. I didn’t have time to work on it in December, but was able to finish it in a just a few days in January.

I just kept a word doc on my laptop and wrote down what we did each day. That along with my instagram photos saved me. I was able to go back though December and document what we did most days.


After I finished up I sat and looked at all 3 albums and could not get over how much the kids had changed in those 4 years. It’s crazy, they grow so fast you just miss it everyday.

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  1. Nice job!! Doesn’t it feel good?! I may have to take this plan up this year. I love to look back at how the kiddos change so quickly right before our eyes.

  2. Beautiful albums! They all have such a beautiful , high quality feel. I love and can appreciate all the details in every page. Gorgeous!

  3. Oh- LOVE! I really like those kinds of ages that are all divided- seems like it makes it so much easier! Nice job! I’m jealous!


  4. This is a stunning idea. What a lasting gift to your family! Well worth the effort. Your albums are BEAUTIFUL…no surprise there. 🙂 It’s fun to have a variety of hobbies and be able to express creatively in more than one area. Those are really great!

  5. Your album looks fabulous! A wonderful treasure to look back through for many many years to come. I have a hard enough time to keep up with scrapping everyday life. This is very inspirational tho!

  6. I’d also like to know who makes the “pinked edge” kraft binder. What brand divided pages did you use? I liked the variety you had in your book.

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