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Last year one of my nieces headed off to college 1600 miles from home.  I was stumped trying to think of a graduation present for her.   I thought about it all summer… then it was time for her to leave for school and I finally had an idea.

I decided to make her a quilt with her families photos on it. That way if she was homesick she could cuddle up with her quilt and be reminded of her family that loved her far away.

I sketched out this quilt and picked out the fabrics (she had a black/pink dorm room) then sewed together the blocks…. then decided  I was not really happy with how the blocks all lined up— Hence why I haven’t shared this project with you earlier.  I should have swapped some of the fabrics, but oh well… live and learn.

To make a quilt like this its EASY PEASY….


Print your photos on photo fabric. Print the photo 1/4″ bigger than your desired block.  Follow the manufactures directions for printing the photos.
Cut the photo down to your block size.

Next, just stitch the photo fabric into your block as you normally would and assemble your quilt.

It’s easy enough to do that you can use your favorite quilt pattern and just replace a few of the blocks with photos!!

I just machine quilted the quilt, 1/4″ on each side of each seam.  The quilt is a large lap size (sorry didn’t take the measurements before I sent it off) so it was easy to quilt on my machine at home.

She is my first niece to go off to college and there are 14 more nieces and nephews to go!! I may be making a few more of these quilts in the future 🙂

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  1. This is just the cutest quilt ! I would cherish something like this ! I will have to keep check your blog and maybe you can tell us how you print the pictures on it ??
    haven’t sewed in years, but want to go back and begin.
    Lovely work !

  2. This is such a precious quilt. I like it better than t-shirt quilts. More personal for the dorm room. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Hi Melissa! I was wondering how the fabric pictures look on the quilt now. Did they fade? Was the quilt washable? Did you treat the fabric pictures with anything to prevent fading when you made the quilt?

    1. It’s not a problem. You can get it on Amazon, I think there is a link in the post to the product i used.

  4. What is photo fabric and what kind of printer was used. I’ve been wanting to make a quiltsc with photos for my grandsons in memory of someone and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Does the photos fade after many washings?

    1. All photo fabric will fade with washing. I like the Electric Quilt brand. I feel like it holds up the best.

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