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Garden Patch Quilt Block Pattern

The Garden Patch Quilt Block pattern is block thirteen in the Riley Blake Designs quilt block challenge series. Minki Kim designed this clever and simple quilt block.

pink and red quilt block on white cutting mat with sewing notions

Hello there! The Riley Blake block challenge is nearing its end. This week, I’m sharing a free PDF pattern for block thirteen of sixteen in the challenge.

I thought I’d answer a few questions about the challenge I’ve received over the last few months.

What Exactly is the Riley Blake Block Challenge?

The block challenge is hosted every year by Riley Blake Designs. Each year 16 different designers design a block pattern for a 10″ quilt block. The block designs are then turned into PDF patterns that are released one week at a time between January and May.

pink and red quilt block on white cutting mat with sewing notions

Where Can I Get the Block Patterns?

A new PDF block pattern is released each week and can be downloaded from the Riley Blake website. You can also get the block patterns from some quilt block designers, including me.

How Do I Find Patterns for Weeks I Missed?

I have linked all of the weekly block challenge blocks in each blog post. I keep a running list of all of the patterns, so if you’re missing a week, just click on that week. It will take you to the blog post with the form for that specific block. You can also find them in Riley Blake’s weekly blog posts.

How Much Fabric Do I Need?

You can find specific fabric requirements posted on the Riley Blake site. I am using a Fat Quarter pack of my Tulip Cottage collection for my quilt. I’m choosing the fabrics for each week’s blocks based on what I have in my “box” of fabric pieces from that Fat Quarter pack.

If you like to sew from your fabric scraps or existing stash, this quilt challenge is perfect for you!

What Does the Finished Quilt Look Like?

Riley Blake is providing unique finishing directions for this quilt. I’ve seen them, and they make a cool quilt! I’ve decided to do something different than them this year and can’t wait to share my idea with you!

pink and red quilt block on white cutting mat with sewing notions

About this Week’s Block

This week’s block is fun and quick to sew! A few of the recent block patterns have taken a bit longer to sew, so it was nice to have a simpler block to create this week.

Minki Kim designed this block. If you don’t know her, you should; she makes fantastic bags and designs beautiful fabric for Riley Blake.

How to Get the Pattern

Fill out the form below, and we will email you a copy of this week’s block. Make sure you use this form, not our general subscribe form. We need to know the specific pattern you need, and this form tells us you want this block!

All of the Block Patterns

several colorful quilt blocks scattered on white table

Here are all of the block patterns shared to date! We are getting so close to the end of the challenge!

Additional Fabric Choices

black, pink and green quilt block on cream table

Minki turned her quilt block into a mini quilt using her Bloomberry Fabric Collection.

red, yellow and green quilt block with sewing notions

Riley Blake created the block using confetti cotton solids.

Resources for New Quilters

If you’re new to quilting, here are a few resources to help you build your skills.

Must-Have Pressing Tools for Quilting

Guide to Common Quilting Terms & Printable Guide

Guide to Pressing Quilt Block Seams

Free Quilt Patterns for Beginner to Intermediate Quilters

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  1. Thank you for sending me Garden Block 13, I make quilts for charity and this will be another useful block for using up scraps.
    And so quickly!
    Dot, NZ.

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