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Our extended family has taken on a bit of a project this summer.  We are putting together a little family cabin getaway.    I’ve got very talented family members on both sides of my family. My mom and sister are extremely creative… and are my husband’s mom and sister.  Actually to say they are creative is a bit of an understatement-   I’ve got plenty of people around me to draw inspiration from.

To pull the cabin together- most of the members of my husbands side of the family have started cleaning out attics and closets to see what we had to furnish the place.  I’ve been down there 3 times now and am amazed at what they were able to pull together.  They have a real knack for making things look great together.

Thus far my only contribution has been just a bit of the decor in one room (more on that later) and trying to clean the place up.  I’ve vacuumed up hundreds of bugs and probably even more spider’s webs… The dust in that place is unreal!   I think I spent the whole first weekend I was there scrubbing tubs and cleaning out windowsills. I guess that’s just how it is when you have a cabin the country.

Before we left this weekend I walked around and snapped some shots with my camera. I thought I’d share them here- in case anyone is looking for a little country inspiration.

I love how my mother in law hung the small stained glass windows.  A nice alternative to drapes when you don’t need 100% privacy.

A beautiful spot when you walk in the front door. My sister in law painted the buffalo (see I told you, a talented family)

I love the chair placed on the stairs landing… and that needlework pillow has been around for a few years- nice to see it in a new spot.

I’ve been working on one of the bedrooms.  The bed was a leftover from my brother in law… Last weekend I hunted some great sales and got a cool quilt and pillows that I love for the bed.

So far I never seem to have enough space in my car to drive down all of the decorations I want to put in this room.. but I did make space to throw in the anchor pillow I made last week.  It looks great on the bed and seems fitting as the cabin is close to the lake.

The barn painting I finished in the spring seemed to fit in well here.

I painted this one from a photo I took at Shaker Village.  It seemed right to bring it down as the cabin is also in central Kentucky.

My sister in law picked up these beds at a yard sale several years ago.  They were in her girls room then her guest room. They seem absolutely perfect for the cabin.

One last touch- this beautiful primitive bird lamp.

I’ve still got more work to do on the bedroom I’m working on- I’ll share more photos as the summer goes on.

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  1. Your place is beautiful! I love the decor, especially the stain glass panels in the windows. Brilliant!

  2. Wow, how beautiful is that place! Seriously, I am just looking at those pictures thinking about all the amazing memories that will be made in the cozy cabin. Beautiful job. Sounds like a fun project. I love those pillows on the bed you did. Three on the back!

  3. What a wonderful retreat! I love your paintings…they worked out perfectly for the room.

  4. You need to check out Calvin Kennett’s Junk Store the next time your in Wayne County. You will find a little bit of everything in there. You will be pleasantly surprised at the goodies he has!

  5. Autumn,
    Thanks for the suggestions!! I’ll have to check them out when I’m down there in July- I didn’t know there was a quilt shop!!!
    I’ve also heard the peddlers mall in Somerset has some cute stuff!

  6. Oh I’m dying!!! I thought the first photo was from Pinterest, and then you said it was YOUR place!!! Oh my heaven-ness! I would so live there year round :)!! It is wonderful- what a fantastic get-away! Enjoy every moment- even the spider webs 🙂

  7. Melissa,
    The Peddler’s Mall in Somerset is okay, but I have always enjoyed Calvin’s. It is a mess in there, but you will always find some goodies there. The quilt shop is downtown beside the Monticello Bank. There is a FREE museum across the street. It is really neat, if you get to check it out. The whole museum is devoted to the town. While you are downtown you need to get some Pool Hall Hamburgers,delicious!!! There is a fabric/quilt shop across from the park, too. The shop downtown has been there for years and is run by some older ladies. Hope you enjoy!!!

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