Tie Dyed…

It’s good to know that there has been some crafting going on at my house this month, since I have been sorely lacking in that department as of late.  I blame it on too much summer… cause really what else am I going to blame it on?  *wink*

My oldest had her Field Hockey team over last week for a little team bonding to make tie dyed team shirts… 25 teenage girls in my back yard and lots and lots of dye… I think my concrete will never be the same again.

They left the shirts over night to dry and we rinsed them out and hung them to dry on the fence.

We had such a good time unrolling them and seeing what pattern revealed itself.  This is one of my a favorite ones. There is definitely a technique to it.  I think we’ll do it again sometime for Family night, it was pretty fun.

I loved looking at them all hanging on my fence, so colorful & festive!! I had to get out my camera and snap a photo.

The next step is to print “peace, love, field hockey” and the team name on all of them with my Yudu… I’ll have to share when they are done!

and in other news… I sewed last week for the first time since June!! So glad the mojo is starting to come back 🙂

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  1. They are darling! I actually helped do some tie dying last summer and I agree that unrolling them was so much fun! Also, I’m wondering too what is a Yudu?

  2. Colorful summer fun…and I am with you on the sewing slacking or I call it “enjoying summer.” We must cherish warm weather here in MI!

  3. awesome! Everytime I tie dye it never turns out that bright! Where did you get the colors and what technique do you have to have??

  4. Aww. The boys love this craft…it’s been a while I suppose we ought to go for it while the weather is still warm!

    Thanks for the cute post and great reminder!

  5. I just used a tie dye kit from Joann’s. I do remember reading that the colors are brighter on 100% cotton fabrics.
    The girls did the tie dye themselves, they were old enough to not need any help, but the kit did come with instructions.

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