Baby Shower Idea: Decorate Onesie’s

Baby Shower Craft

Last month myself and some friends hosted a baby shower for a soon to be born baby girl.  Since I always joke that if you come to my house I make you do crafts, I thought a baby shower crafts should be no exception.

I got the idea from the Moda Fabrics blog.  They have full instructions listed there.

I changed just a couple of things:

I pre cut out 8 stencils using my silhouette.  Just simple designs, like a butterfly, ice cream, and flowers.

Baby Shower Ideas

Then guests could choose which design they liked and on which fabric. I just pulled some fat quarters from my stash for them to work with.

Baby Shower Decorate Onesies

I just set it all out (used my pressing board) and let them work.

I think they came out really cute!! For one last step I’m going to stitch around the appliqué with my sewing machine… just for safety reasons. (don’t want it peeling up when the baby is wearing it!)

Stencils for Onesies
(yes I notice that the state of Kentucky is backwards, I’m going to fix that one)
On another note:
The “theme” for May here seems to be “Things made from t-shirts”… just by happenstance I’ve made 4 projects to share all starting with a t-shirt, not even planning it… So we’re going with it!  Just so you know,  YES I am working on an Adult size in this tutorial... It’s what started all the madness!!
Sooooo, if you have a tutorial on your blog of something made from a t-shirt (preferably that combines t-shirts and non knit fabric) shoot me an email. I’d love to do a round up post at the end of the month and feature your projects.

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    I think I am the one who traced the Kentucky one backwards. Yes, I am a geography major, but it looks like I might be seeing things a little wonky after the many years of kids!

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    I Love this idea! I am hosting a baby shower on Sunday and think this would be great (the mom the be is very craft…me not so much). Is there a place to download templates? I specifically love the KY one!


    • says

      The Kentucky template is from the Silhouette online store. I downloaded it then cut it out with my silhouette. If you don’t have a silhouette Martha Stewart has TONS of great templates for free download.


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