Retro Travel Bag Tutorial for Riley Blake

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UPDATE: You can now purchase a PDF version of this pattern complete with additional photos, tips, instructions and cutting layouts. Click here to order

Today I’m sharing the tutorial for this retro inspired travel bag over at the Riley Blake Designs as part of their design team.

I guess all the time I’ve spent on airplanes the last 4 months has finally gotten to me, as I think I dream of retro airline travel bags.

This bag was inspired by them.

I love it… I’ll admit I’m a bit smitten… as was my 16 year old daughter, since she stole it as soon as I finished it.

Click here for the tutorial! 


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    @Melissa Mortenson
    Very nice. This is my first comment on your blog. Professionally, I’m in different industry. But, I love to read different sewing patterns and tutorials which help me to draft unique piece for me. I’m quite eager to read future post on attractive sewing projects! BTW thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    I love this bag! I left a comment on the tutorial but thought I’d try here too. I’m working on sewing the bag today but I don’t see the seam allowances. I was thinking 1/4″ but thought they might need to be bigger given that it’s a bag. Would appreciate the information, thanks!

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