Free Lake SVG Files for Cricut Machines

Get your crew ready for a weekend at the Lake with our exclusive set of SVG files designed for Cricut Machines!

girl on boat looking out to lake wearing white t-shirt

We have had a boat for many years now. There is an amazing lake in our State that we like to frequent as a family. I have so many fond summer memories of long, lazy days out on our boat.

This summer we used the boat A LOT! Much more than normal. Turns out that boating is a great activity if you need to stay away from other people. (Although I prefer boating with all of our friends and family, next summer I hope!)

white pillow with blue lettering

Halfway through the summer, I got the idea to make a set of boat t-shirts for my girls. Since I was designing T-shirts for them, I thought I might as well go ahead and make an entire set of Lake themed SVG files!

canvas tote bag hanging on hook

About our DIY Lake T-Shirts

Our Lake t-shirts were created using two colors of Cricut Iron-On Vinyl. Navy blue and gold foil. (btw: these are my favorite t-shirts by far for this kind of project).

How to Get the Free SVG Files

Each month we offer one SVG file free to our readers. We pick a different theme each month and I’m excited that this months’ theme is “Lake Life!”

girl on boat looking out to lake wearing white t-shirt

The free SVG file this month is the “Worry Less, Boat More” SVG. You can get it emailed to you by filling out the form below. The rest of the files are available for purchase in our shop.

girl on boat looking out to lake wearing white t-shirt

How to Get All of the Lake SVG Files

To get the other five files, I’ve created a special SVG bundle in the shop! These are all instantly delivered files; there is no need to join our Cricut newsletter (but you should ’cause we’ve got lots of great info to share!)

Included in the bundle in the shop are the following files.

  1. Lakes Laughs Lighting Bugs
  2. Lake Junkie
  3. Boat More, Worry Less
  4. I’m Sorry for the Things I Said While I was Docking the Boat
  5. Just Add Water
  6. Lake Squad
  7. Home is Where the Anchor Drops

To purchase the SVG bundle, head on over to our shop or use the widget below.

How to Make Lake T-Shirts

blue tshirt on white table

You may be thinking “well this is all well and great but how to I actually MAKE the t-shirts?” You’re in luck, we’ve got an entire blog post walking you through the steps of obtaining the SVG files, uploading them to your Cricut Machine, and creating your T-shirts!

What is a Cricut? A Cricut Machine is an electronic cutting machine. It hooks up to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and cuts images you send to it, much like a printer. It just cuts instead of prints. It can cut vinyl, paper, fabric, and much more. The images are all digital; you can upload your own images or buy images in the Cricut Design space individually. You can read my full review of the Cricut Maker Machine HERE.

You don’t have to limit yourself to t-shirts either, these SVG files are great for pillows, signs & tote bags as well!

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  1. Love them! I have had a boat for over 20 years and these would be awesome! Unfortunately, I do not own a Cricut and I would have no idea how to make these.

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