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Halloween Mantle


 Halloween Mantle Decorating Ideas

A couple of years ago, I lost an argument and a big black hole (a.k.a. TV) was put up above my firelpalce mantle.  Granted I was open to the idea of a tv there, but I thought it was too big.  I still do.

 Halloween Mantle Decorating Ideas

Anyway, this addition has made decorating my mantle a bit of a challenge- I’m always looking for tall skinny things and short things, to fit around it.

This year for Halloween, I decided to go for an Orange & Black Vintage Halloween theme. I gathered all of my orange and black Halloween items and purchased a few new things.  For the most part I was able to pull it together with what I already had.

 Halloween Mantle Decorating Ideas

I added my “Got Candy” banner to finish it off.

 Halloween Mantle Decorating Ideas

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  1. hi, can u tell me where u got your banner? btw, I have the cat (from hobby lobby) & I want to get the owl, too! your mantle looks great! thanks!

  2. Love this! You have inspired me to decor my own mantel in a similar manner. Did you purchase the Happy Halloween banner or is that something you made as well?

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