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Halloween Decorating Ideas

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, PEOPLE Magazine & Hershey’s, but all my opinions are my own. #HersheysPeople #pmedia

Halloween Decorating Ideas

I have twins that are now 12.  When they were babies people used to always ask me “how do you do it?”… Well my first thought was always “well, I can’t really not do it”… I mean those babies need to be taken care of.  I think what they were asking though, is how do you do it and not want to crawl into the closet and hide.  The truthful answer was some days there was nothing more that I wanted to do than hide. However most days were good even fun.   I had a few tricks up my sleeve that helped me to survive those baby years.

One of my favorites was to take a trip to Target.  I’d load up the twins (still in car seats) and lug them into Target.  If there was a cart in the parking lot I’d go in, if not, I was stuck.  This was 12 years ago and the days before double kid grocery carts.  One twin’s carseat would go on top of the cart and one in the basket. Then we’d go browse the aisles at Target.

Since my cart was full of babies, there was not much room for purchases, but two things I’d always buy were a great magazine and a Hershey’s Dark Chocolate bar with Almonds.

After our little outing the babies would be worn out and they’d sleep on the way home.  Then I’m not kidding you on this one, I’d sit in the car (yes, in the garage) and read my People Magazine and eat my dark chocolate.  A little time out for me, with quiet sleeping babies in the car safe and sound. I’d go in the house feeling a little bit recharged and ready to finish out my day.

Now that my kids are growing up (one went to college this year) life is no less stressful (in fact I think it’s more, sorry to tell you Mom’s of babies…) and I still find myself needing a time out every once and a while. I still go to Target to browse, buy my chocolate but now I don’t have to sit in the car to eat it *wink*.


Last week I was feeling especially stressed and a bit brain dead.  I feel like I’ve been running a marathon for about 9 months now, between book writing,  a kid going to college and my teaching and traveling gigs, I was low on creative energy and inspiration.


So I did what I love to do when I need creative ideas I headed to Target. Oh my goodness that place is full of inspiration.  I took my phone and snapped a few pics so that I can share with you some of what I was inspired by on my outing.

Fall Style Inspiration

All of these elements inspired me in one way or another, they may work their way into a sewing project, a quilt or maybe even an outfit inspiration.

No trip to Target is complete without my magazine and my chocolate. This time though with Halloween coming up I chose to stock up on some Hershey’s dish candy my favorites are Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and Pumpkin Spice Kisses… Hello!! Pumpkin Spice Kisses?? Genius!

Halloween Decorating Ideas

I came home and added my chocolates to by Halloween display, I love how the wrappers match the decorations– silly I know, but I love it.

I sat on my couch and did nothing but read my People Magazine for an hour. It felt good, I made myself walk away from my computer.   My creative batteries are not 100% back but they are getting close.

Halloween Decorating Ideas Halloween Decorating Ideas Halloween Decorating Ideas

I’m curious… what do you guys do to recharge your creative batteries? Am I the only one that sometimes feels a little depleted in that area? If you’re interested you can follow this link http://goo.gl/STsg4w for a coupon for a discount to Target for a People Magazine and Hershey’s Dish Candy so you can have your own little time out too. (coupon available only while supplies last, there are a limited number so grab yours quick!)

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  1. I’m lovin’ that spider candy holder!

    How do I recharge my creative batteries? I find fresh inspiration by cruising Pinterest and my pins. Also, by reading my favorite blogs. It’s really enlightening to see how people come up with new ideas and projects. Once I get a visual from someplace, I can make it my own. (BTW, I just don’t see the attraction of Target. Not my favorite store and I hardly ever shop there!)

    Chocolate definitely gives my batteries a boost!

  2. I used to love to go to Barnes & Noble, pull about 6 (or more) quilt, sewing, crocheting, home, etc magazines to browse while I drank some decadent Starbucks concoction. I usually bought 1 or maybe 2 of the magazines, but that browsing time was the best time out for me.
    Talking about unplugging…. I’ve only done this once but it was wonderful… stopped in a small (ergo quiet) Starbucks, sat in a comfy leather chair, and read a Mary Janes Farm magazine while drinking a Tazo iced tea. It was a small piece of heaven and totally unplanned. Marvelous!

    1. I love that too! I used to do it all the time then our B&N got rid of most of their comfy chairs, so you could not ever find anywhere to sit.

  3. What a great post!
    So, I guess I’m not the only one who “steals’ some alone time! Yes, Chocolate is a must! Now, I eat the ‘healthy’ dark chocolate 😉 Lindts with the sea salt is the current “go to.’ Sorry to hear your B&N no longer has comfy chairs…yes, what is it about sipping a wonderful hot chocolate and books?! I also like to drive to the park at the river and relax (yes, with my chocolate) and read and just enjoy watching the current patterns of the mighty Niagara.

    I LOVE seeing your ‘book’ ‘Spells, Potions, and Creepy Concoctions’ … I have it , too! Still surprise my ‘trick-or-treaters’ … and others saying ‘this is the lady with the cool book.’ Gosh, can’t even remember how old it is! Your decorations are look very festive…yet, tasteful and sophisticated!

    Thanks, Melissa!

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