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It’s been both an exciting and boring week around here.  The majority of the excitement came from an ice storm that hit our area late Tuesday night.

About 6 pm it started raining ice pellets, they landed on the already covered snow to create quite the winter wonderland outside.


Our area is accustomed to cold and wet winters with occasional snow showers, but we are not accustomed to weekly winter storms.  Schools have been closed more times than I care to mention and we are all absolutely freezing. Here’s how I feel about it all (shared on Instagram a few weeks ago)


I woke up Wednesday morning and braved the cold to go outside and snap a few photos. I did my best to capture the wonderland of ice but my photos don’t do it justice, it was amazingly beautiful.  Which was a nice reminder to me that God puts beauty in all things, even ice storms.


I will admit that I had a better attitude about this ice storm than our last. The last one we had we lost power for a week, it was awful.  Thankfully, there were not too many power outages this go around.



You’d think that 4 days trapped inside the house would have made me exceptionally productive, but it didn’t.  We are all feeling such cabin fever this winter that it’s hard to be productive.

Even the kids are feeling it as they grumbled at yet another snow day off school…. they wanted to go to school- shocker! I’m running out of ideas to keep them entertained without resorting to hours of t.v. watching and Minecraft playing.


I did make great progress getting the layout started of my triangle quilt, I’m almost ready to start sewing the pieces together (via Instagram)



I’m finally finishing up one of my outfits from last season’s Project Sewn.  I’ll get it photographed to share with you this coming week.  If you didn’t know, Project Sewn has started up again, with some amazing talent once again. Those girls have skills!

Here are a few links you might enjoy this week:

I’ve been busy collecting Valentine’s Day ideas (that you still have time to make!) on my Pinterest boards, anyone has a favorite project they’d like to share? Leave the link in the comments and I’ll add it to that board.

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  1. I live in New York where winter is always…well..very wintry! LOL! I love that you can look past the world’s view of the inconvenience, uncomfortable cold and delays to daily life and see it for what it truly is: an awesome display of God’s power and the absolute beauty that is only wrought by His hand. Stay warm and be blessed!

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