How to build an Outdoor Fire Pit

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DIY Stone Fire Pit

I want to share with you this fun and quick project that we did in our backyard last summer.

We wanted to put in a fire pit- but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it or have someone come out and lay stone for us.  I’ve seen great stone fire pits- but most require a contractor to come in and build. I also didn’t want to just dig a hole in the back yard for one.

Then we found at Lowe’s a project instruction sheet for building your own fire pit. We decided to give it a “go” and I could not be happier with it!

The project only took about 36 stones, so we could just put them in the back of the car (no delivery needed!)…

Here’s what we did…

First we put down landscape cloth- to help discourage weed growth. Then we added some edging.

Next all that was required was to lay the stones down in a circle… we chose to do it 3 rows high.

We then just dropped in a pre made copper fire bowl…

To finish it up we added gravel over the landscape cloth then a bit of decorative stones to make it look pretty.

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  1. I have the firepit from Lowes that looks just like yours but I never thought to do the stone work around it – great idea! might have to remember that for next year – this year we are in a drought already and there are burn bans in the state and can’t use it!

  2. loved the idea of making an outdoor firepit…where did you get the copper insert and the screen lid cover.

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