2012 – Year in Review

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I have had a great time looking back at some of the projects I completed in 2012.   It’s funny, sometimes I feel sooooo unproductive, like my “to do” list is so much larger than my “ta done” list… Then I look back and realize, I did more than I thought.  Funny how things like that work.

Personally I dubbed 2012 the “Year of the Suitcase” as strangely several trips in the works for a long time all ended up happening the same year.   I think I was on a plane every month of 2012.

My husband, a fluent Dutch speaker from his time in the Netherlands, went 20 years without visiting a Dutch speaking country. Then in 2012 we managed to visit 3!  (Netherlands, South Africa & Aruba). As much fun as it was to get out and explore last year, I’m looking forward to more time at home this year. All of that travel in one year is NOT typical for me.

Creatively, I’d have to say my favorite project of the year was my Retro Travel Bag.

It was one of those rare occasions where the picture I had in my head of a project was the same as the one that I made.  It’s also one of the only sewing projects that I’ve made that I kept for myself, I use it all the time and I love it!

In 2012 I also was able to join the Riley Blake Project Design Team. I’ve had a great time getting to know the folks at Riley Blake and the other designers on the team.  They are are a great company to work with and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

In 2012 also had the opportunity to have my work published again. This time in the Sweet Celebrations Book from Stash Books.

 I still get giddy seeing my project on the cover.

I’ve also had a wonderful time working with the insanely talented Rhonna Farrer @ Rhonna Designs She’s a huge creative inspiration for me. Dabbling in both paper and fabric projects seems to help me stay on my “creative toes” and I love the challenge of it.

A few more stats:

My most viewed 2012 post was:

Baby Shower Craft Idea


To see a full list of all tutorials, click on the “Tutorials & Projects” above!

and my top 3 blogger referrers

-Everything Etsy

Riley Blake Designs Blog

Make it Do

Also a big thanks to Tip Junkie, All Free Sewing and One Pretty Thing for all of the links last year!

I’ve got plans for 2013— hopefully I’ll be able to share more fun and creative ideas with you in the year to come.

And THANK YOU… Thank you to everyone who reads this blog.   Sometimes the feeling of writing to an audience that you don’t know gets a bit surreal,  but somehow I still love it.  This blog has been a wonderful growth and learning experience for me, and none of that would have happened if no one was reading.  I’m grateful for all of you.

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  1. Your blog is my absolute favorite of all the blogs I follow! Your projects are always very professional looking, I would say hand made rather than home made, and they have a pretty broad appeal as well. Hard for me to pick my favorite, but I might have to go with that pillow made with printable fabric. It always catches my eye! I’ve also loved your Halloween costumes for your kiddos…. the tshirts were so neat, but the fascinator was adorable. I’m going to challenge myself to make that travel bag this year. Hmmm, now to choose the fabric for that project…. there are SO many wonderful options available!

    1. Thank you! I’ve had a lot of fun this year dreaming up all of the projects. I love that little pillow too, it’s been on my couch all year 🙂

  2. I love your blog! One of my favorite projects was your apron that was on the cover of Sweet Celebrations, so cute!! You have great inspiration for all of us!

    1. Thanks! I made that last year and just got it back. I’m excited to wear it for Valentine’s Day this year!

  3. What a wonderful year it has been here on one of my favorite blogs!! I’ve followed you for so long now, and you never disappoint! Keep the inspiration coming. I love it!

  4. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations on all of your successes this past year. My personal favorite is the Retro Travel Bag. I’ve been eyeing it for a few months and I think I am finally ready to try it. The tutorial is very clear and well written so thanks again!

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