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Kentucky Derby Printable Subway Art

Free Printable Kentucky Derby Subway Art on polkadotchair.com

Happy Derby week y’all!!! I hope that you have enjoyed the Kentucky Derby Party Ideas and Printables that I posted this year.  I have one more quick idea about Kentucky Derby decorations to share with you today.

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Oaks (which I’m going to !!!) and Saturday is the Kentucky Derby!  If you ever want to come to the Derby but can’t find tickets, try going to the Oaks or Thurby instead… (Thurby is relatively new and is the Thursday before the Derby, lots of fun races, and you can still wear a hat, but not as hard to find tickets)

When I designed the Kentucky Derby Subway Art for the Run for the Roses party I knew that in addition to the black and white version I wanted to do a full-color one.   The art is sized 8” x 10” so it will print on your home printer then you can cut it down to fit in a standard 8” x 10” picture frame.

Free Printable Kentucky Derby Subway Art on polkadotchair.com

I added mine to a shadow box frame and then decorated around it a bit.  Yesterday I snuck off to my friend Gretchen’s house to make these fun Derby Horses. They are SO simple, just cheap plastic horses with a little rosette glued on. They were so fun to make, I think I need a whole little “herd” of them now!

Kentucky Derby Party Decorations

Here are the horses Gretchen made, you can hop on over to Nesting in the Bluegrass to get a tutorial!

DIY Fascinator

While I was there, Gretchen helped me make a fascinator for Oaks! I can’t wait to show you my dress, I made it!! I actually started it last September for Project Sewn, but never finished it. Derby seemed like the perfect reason to get it done… and guess what, it’s polka dotted! Shocker huh!!?!


(image via Nesting in the Bluegrass)

Free Printable Kentucky Derby Subway Art on polkadotchair.com
Free Printable Kentucky Derby Subway Art on polkadotchair.com

Free Printable Kentucky Derby Subway Art on polkadotchair.com

Enjoy your Derby Week!!

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  1. Just a quick note to say: Love the color subway art, but can’t find the download link for that version. Only the black and white version seems to be available…

  2. So excited to watch this afternoon…can’t seem to find the colored subway art (that is absolutely darling!!!) Is there another link? Thanks!

  3. Can you please please tell me what software you used to make this? I’ve been wanting to make my own ones at home (nothing to do with the derby though!) and I just cant work it out!

  4. I love your Kentucky Derby printables and would love to use them to decorate for my party. When I found them on your templates page, it is asking me for a code. Are these not free anymore, or am I just not seeing the code on your page? Thanks!

    1. Yes, they are still free for newsletter subscribers. At the top of the page there are instructions on how to get the code!

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