Tutorial: Lovey Dovey Day Shoe Clips

DIY Heart Shoe Clips

I’m so excited for LOVE month here on my little old blog!  I know having a “love” theme for February is not terribly original, but I think it will be  fun, and give you some ideas of ways to celebrate “love” all year, not just on Valentines Day.

DIY Heart Shoe Clips

I’m also so stinkin’ excited about today’s project to kick off the month! I dreamt up these heart shoe clips while flying home from SLC last weekend. When things go well, I like to fly.   (but ONLY when things go well.. I’m sure you agree). Quiet time on an airplane gives me lots of time to think and to sketch.

My girls used to call Valentine’s day “lovey dovey” day, and I thought it would be a cute name for today’s project.

They are magnetic shoe clips that you can use to dress up a pair of Ballet flats.

The fun part is they are totally removable! So you can switch them to other shoes.

DIY Heart Shoe Clips

The magnets make them easy on easy off, and they don’t leave any marks on your shoes. So those silver ballet flats can become “lucky” shamrock shoes come March.

Okay, before we start… you need to know one thing. I would NOT recommend this project for anyone with small children. These magnets are STRONG! That’s why they don’t fall off the shoes when you walk in them. I used the mighty magnets and I know that some children have been known to swallow them which can be very dangerous. My daughter is old enough that I know she won’t try to swallow the magnets, and I don’t have any little kids at home.

For this project you will need:

Red & White wool felt
4 mighty magnets in a disk shape
Embroidery floss
Spray Adhesive
Heat n Bond Lite
and some scraps of fabric.

To begin:

Cut 4 hearts out of your red wool felt.  I used a sixxiz die that I have. You can trace a piece of chipboard, or just free hand a heart. Just make sure that all 4 are the same size.
Place one magnet over a heart.
Using your scrap of fabric and your sewing machine, completely stitch around the magnet, so that it is encased in the scrap of fabric.
Repeat this for a 2nd heart.
Set both aside.
Trace an X and and O onto your heat and bond lite.  Iron onto a scrap of white wool felt.
Cut out around the X and the O.
Peel off the backing and iron the X and O onto the 2 hearts that DO NOT have the magnets sewn onto them.
Using embroidery thread, stitch some details onto the letters.
Spray the back of your X and O heart pieces with spray adhesive.  Place magnetic heart pieces behind X and O heart pieces.  Line up.   Using topstitch thread, stitch around the edge of the hearts to attach the front and the backs together.
Now all you need to do is place the heart on top of your shoe and the other magnetic disc inside the shoe to get it to stay in place!!
I think I need to make some cute shamrocks next or maybe some little bunny rabbits or flowers???!!!

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  1. says

    SUCH a cute idea! I LOVE this! Will be a great way to dress up any pair of flat shoes in any decoration I want – makes those boring, plain black “walking to work” shoes a lot more exciting now!

  2. says

    These are really cute and can think of all kinds of uses but am wondering how the magnet inside the shoe stays in place when you are walking and how comfortable they are. How are you liking them?


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