For the little red haired girl

My sister has little kids.  I take full advantage of this and love to make things that my kids are too “big” for.  She was smart to have kids 2nd, if only for this reason *wink*.

My sister has wanted to name a baby Ruby since she was in high school. Her first two kids were boys, then her 3rd came along after a long and difficult pregnancy, a girl.  Ruby was finally here.

Ruby has lived up to her name, she’s an adorable little red haired girl.

For Christmas this year I made her a little doll and matching quilt. I got the idea for the quilt from the Pretty in Patchwork, Doll Quilts Book. and the doll is from the Wee Wonderfuls Book

I raided my stash and pulled out every fabric I had with a red haired girl on it.

Most ended up being Heather Ross prints.

I made my first dresden block (which came out much bigger than I thought it would, I need to read up a bit more on dresdens).

It was fun to tackle a mini quilt, lots of instant gratification of a project that is done quickly.

I also made dolls for her boys- more on that next time :)

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    I have a weakness for redheads. My baby (now 23) had hair of a very similar color when she was younger. It’s darker now, but still red.
    That’s a perfect gift. I love that you used fabric with redheaded girls. The Dresden Plate block was a great choice.

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    Oh be still my heart…such cuteness!!! What a thoughtful and joyous gift. You must print out your post so it stays as a memory with the quilt. Love this!!!

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    Who knew there were so many red haired girl prints? I may need to start collecting them. There are three red heads in my house, all girls, that is if I can still call myself a “girl” in my 30’s. Ha!

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