Visiting Charleston

Around here Summer is winding down, our school starts early and we are down to less than one month of Summer left.

I’m in denial about it all… we got back from vacation on the 4th and have had family visiting the last couple of weeks. It seems like there still not time to get everything done we want to do. I guess that’s just how it goes…

While we’ve been traveling we’ve been consuming very yummy food. You see for me,  half the fun of a new place is to go find out what’s unique about it’s food.  I love to read books about regional cuisine (so far my 2 favorites are Road Food & 1000 Things to do before you die, US edition).
When we go somewhere new I like to ask the waiter what’s popular or if they are “known” for something.. 99% of the time I’m not disappointed!

I have this funny quirk, I like to take pictures of my food when I eat out…. yes a bit strange, but like I said for me it’s half the fun.

When I was in Utah I got to meet Amy (details in coming up), she has this feature on her blog called “Field Trip Friday”. I was telling her how much I liked reading those posts.   I also had a conversation with another friend Ali, about how we like the “peek into your lives” aspect of blogs, and we hope that part of it doesn’t go away…. I’ve been thinking about both of those conversations since I’ve been home and  I’ve decided to sprinkle a little bit more of me here.  Not too much, but just a bit more.

Which brings me to todays post “Adventures in Eating”.  I thought I’d share some of the yummy food I’ve eaten in some of the places I’ve visited… one- to let you know a bit more about me, and two- incase you ever go there you might want to know where to eat!!… Because, you know… You ARE what you eat, or so I’m told 🙂

Which brings to me to, today’s post  about the Hominy Grill in Charleston, South Carolina.

Last year we visiting Charleston with my family, I had read about the Hominy Grill over and over and over again and knew it was on my “must eat” list.  One day while the boys were touring the battleship, the girls went to lunch & shopped. (because that’s what girls like to do)

Shrimp & Grits sounded like such an intriguing dish, such an odd combination I thought, but very popular in South Carolina….

As you can see, I devoured the WHOLE thing it was delicious and I still crave it, spicy, creamy, cheesy…. yummy… I bought their recipe book and have yet to try it, if I do I’ll let you know how it goes…If you’ve not had grits before, you must give them a try (just make sure they are cooked well, or you won’t like them at all)…


The girls were not disappointed either, yummy food… they got Chocolate Pudding for dessert. It was divine, so divine in fact that it showed up on Food Networks “best thing I ever ate”… we were excited… we chose well.

coming up: (but not all at once)…
-oh my Fried Chicken, it’s Paula Deen!
-Meringue piled high.
-Since I never got any pizza in Naples, I guess this will have to do.
-Babaganoush?  what?

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  1. I love Hominy Grill – of course I have the luxury of living in Charleston and working a few blocks from the hot spot. Glad you liked our little slice of heaven.

  2. Everything tastes better in S. Carolina!!!!
    Love Charleston…I have a highschool friend who ives in Summerville…very close to Charleston.
    I love visiting.
    xoxo~Kathy 2
    Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  3. Being a true Southern gal, I’ve known the bliss of good grits since a baby. We’ve never had the chance to stop in at Hominy Grill, but friends have said it’s great Southern cookin’…just my style!

  4. Grits and Shrimp….can’t say that I’ve tried that…but I just recently tried Corn Grits(and I was born and raised in the South)- it was more a texture issue I had to get over! LOL

  5. okay I am a southern girl and I can make some yummy grits! they are not good for you the way I make them but they are probably not good for you when you get them at a restaurant that has good shrimp and grits:) they are really good though.

    Make the grits as directed on directions and ALWAYS add salt to your water – you want them to have flavor… when they are done add salt and pepper to taste, heavy cream (you could use half and half but not as good), and butter. They will be creamy and YUMMY!

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