15 Best Sewing Projects of 2015

It seems to be that time again, when we look back at the previous year and ponder all that happened and wonder what the new year will hold for each of us.  I always love to look back and see what YOU my readers loved MOST the previous year.  Today I have for you the 15 Best Sewing Projects of 2015 (as decided by YOU and measured by google *wink*). If you’re curious here are the top sewing projects of 2014, and here are the top sewing projects of 2013. 


Free sewing pattern for DIY oversized winter wool scarf with fringe... looks so warm and cozy


Compared to 2014, 2015 seemed quieter to me as far as my blogging/professional life was concerned.   In 2014 I ended up (not intentionally) with two big deadlines very close to each other. The final edits on my book and the designs for my first fabric line.  It was pretty exciting but overwhelming all at the same time.  I started 2015 excited to see what was in store. I began the year with such a crazy mix of emotions that seemed to get only crazier as the year went on.

I was worried that my fabric line would be well received, concerned with keeping my blog projects fresh and frequent, and always mindful to be careful with my personal workload.  I’m not one of those people that can “burn the candle at both ends” for a long periods of time.  I get worn out easy, then I get sick, then it starts to effect my family and those around me.  After having a doctor tell me that “I was just tired because I was over 40” and “wouldn’t it be nice I if I could just give you a pill to make you better” (that was a fun day *insert mad face and eyeroll emojis here*), I finally talked him into running some blood tests and found out that I have an auto immune disease.  It causes problems with my joints, eyes, lungs and energy levels. I spent most of the summer pretty much feeling like crap. The answer to the question you’re probably wondering about is,  YES there was a pill to make me feel better, and NO I don’t have another doctor yet as Primary Care doctors seem a bit hard to come by in these parts.

I tell you all of this because I want to make sure that there is always an honest perspective presented here. Yes, I’m about to share with you what I think was my BEST of 2015. I have had some amazing and exciting experiences, and have felt so blessed to have my wonderful family. BUT it’s not always amazing and exciting and I get discouraged just like everyone else. There are always jobs that I don’t get selected for, parties and events I’m never invited to, and days where I wonder if anyone even notices I’m here chugging away everyday.  If you are a blogger (or otherwise involved in social media) take heart, I think we all feel pretty discouraged a lot of the time.  It’s not cool to say company XYZ turned me down for a project, or didn’t invite me to an event…. that would make everyone look pretty bad (whiny blogger and mean company *wink*) Just keep in mind the things you see on blogs are only the YES things, and there are plenty of NO’s behind the scenes.

Okay, enough babbling… I’ve broken my top projects of 2015 into two lists, Sewing Projects and DIY/Craft projects. Today I’ll share with you the sewing and later this week I’ll share the DIY/Craft.

Derby Style Fabric by Melissa Mortenson for Riley Blake Designs- Cute Fabric for your next sewing project

These are the most viewed projects that I posted in 2015, before I get to them I have to say that my two brightest moments in 2015 were the releases of my fabric lines.  Derby Style came out in January 2015 and I can hardly describe the feeling I had walking into a store, seeing the fabric and thinking, “it was in my head and now it’s on the shelf”

Wonderland Fabric by Melissa Mortenson for Riley Blake Designs

I spent summer of 2015 putting the finishing touches on Wonderland (also from Riley Blake Designs) which should hit stores late in February. I’m even more excited about this line and can’t wait to share with you more about it in the coming months.

Okay now for the top 15 projects of 2015….


How to sew a cute Kimono Jacket - by Melissa Mortenson of polkadotchair.com

1. How to make a Kimono Jacket

DIY Snap Up Infinity Scarf pattern by Melissa of polkadotchair.com - perfect for traveling

2. Infinity Scarf/Travel Blanket Tutorial

How to Sew With Knit Fabrics- Tips and Resources

3. How to Sew Knit Fabrics


Tips and tricks on how to pick fabric for a quilt a part of the block of the month series on polkadotchair.com

4. How to Pick Fabrics for a Quilt


Sewing Pattern for an "On the Go Reading Pillow" a cute pocket pillow for kids

5. Pocket Pillow Sewing Tutorial

Quilt Block of the Month Series on polkadotchair.com - learn to quilt one month at a time!

6. Quilt Block of the Month Series

Upcycle your old or sentimental t-shirts into a receiving blanket for a new baby!

7. Upcycled T-Shirt Baby Blanket

Sewing Tutorial to make a simple knit T-Shirt dress by Melissa Mortenson of PolkadotChair.com

8. T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

Easy Summer Sundress or Swim Cover up sewing pattern.

9. Summer Sundress/Swim Coverup Tutorial


10. Splash Proof Phone Case

"Never Full" Fabric Basket Sewing Tutorial and free sewing pattern by Melissa of polkadotchair.com

11. DIY Fabric Basket

Patchwork Baby Doll Quilt Sewing Tutorial

12. Patchwork Doll Quilt Tutorial

DIY Felt Ball Statement Necklace tutorial on polkadotchair.com

13. Felt Ball Necklace Tutorial

Free sewing pattern for DIY oversized winter wool scarf with fringe... looks so warm and cozy

14. Reversible Winter Scarf Tutorial

DIY Pocket Tee for the 4th of July - includes templates for the pocket and outline of the USA

15. 4th of July T-Shirt Patterns


The top 15 best sewing patterns and tutorials of 2015 (they are free!)


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  1. Thank you for the directions for the reading pillows. I took my 11 year old daughter and niece shopping after Christmas for fabrics (their choice) so they could each make one. We chose 20″ pillows and I added a zipper in the bottom seam so they’d be removable for washing. The girls were thrilled with the results, and proud of their sewing accomplishments.

  2. Lovely selection of projects, I’ve promised to make myself an infinity scarf so will give it a go! Wonderland fabric so sweet.

  3. Thanks for your honesty, Melissa. It seems a woman reaches a ‘certain age’ and the standard GP response is to send her away with a ‘give it six weeks/months’ and then we’re left with the pain, exhaustion, and not knowing where to turn. Self-belief and putting one’s foot down are so necessary, I’ve learned, when dealing with this attitude. Take care of yourself and congratulations on your incredible achievements in 2015! I really enjoy your blog posts — don’t think that readers ‘out there’ are not appreciating your blogging and hard work, even if a comment isn’t forthcoming every time. Your posts and FB comments brighten my day and enrich my knowledge and they’re much appreciated. All the best!

    1. Thanks Elena, you are so sweet. I have a lot of friends that are also of a ‘certain age’ and they seem to struggle with GP’s the same way that I do, I wish there was a way to fix it. Thank you for your kind words!!! Have a great 2016!

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