Boys Bedroom Redo…

Okay to kick of my theme of “home” this month, I thought I’d share with you photos of my sons room that we recently redid. I shared a little ‘sneek peek’ on my facebook page last month and thought I’d share the details with you today.

This room has been through a few transformations. When we moved in it was a nice, clean,  blank slate and looked like this:

Shortly after we moved in, we decided to paint it.  My son has ALWAYS loved the color yellow and I mean LOVE. When he was little he always had to have a yellow cup and a yellow plate, a yellow shirt- you get the idea. So we decided to paint his room yellow… (big surprise)

First we added board and batten molding all around.
We put a shelf on one wall with these fun star blocks to hold it up.
Then per his request we painted the room yellow.
After a couple of years he started complaining that it was too dark and he wanted something lighter.   I had seen the movie 500 Days of Summer and fell IN LOVE with the chalkboard wall in the main characters room.  I was dying to try it somewhere in our house,  so I thought we’d try out painting chalkboard paint behind his bed…
I wanted to “paint” a picture frame on top of the chalk paint but I was vetoed by him and his dad. They said to leave it blank so he can color it like he wants.
I have been collecting “A”‘s for a couple of years now and hung them all on the wall over the chalkboard paint (which by the way is wonderful to hang things on, you can write on the wall to mark where you want your nails).
I found a quilt at the Pottery Barn outlet in Ohio and decided to match one of the grays for the wall.
The lighter gray is MUCH brighter in the room and shows off his red furniture well. The portrait I just painted of him matched up perfectly too, so I hung it in there- is it weird to have a portrait of yourself in your room? I couldn’t decide..
We added lots of hooks to the molding, make a perfect spot to hang stuff up, and I find that kids are much more likely to hang something up on a hook than a hanger.
I’m happy with how it turned out, and more importantly so is he… hopefully we will not be repainting this room again for a very long time!

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  1. Wow, AWESOME job! Wanna come paint my room? lol I love all the neat little extras. I can see why your son loves his room. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE! You did a great job! and did you seriously paint that portrait? looks store bought! Can you paint one of my kids too? 🙂

  3. Love, love, love it! The chalkboard wall is so much fun! And I love the gray color…I’ve been in search of the perfect gray and would love to know the color if you are sharing.

  4. holy love. I am on such a chalkboard kick too! i think you did a fan TAS tic job!

  5. LOVE this room! Not too themed or weirdly matchy – just nice and understated while maintaining good, interesting character and interest. Not overworked, and just the right amount of lived-in. This is a room he can use – love it! Great work!

  6. What an amazing room! I love the letter A shelf. Can I ask where you found it (or if you made it)?

  7. Love this room! My son would be totally jealous. Just wondering if you ever thought of painting his bed? I’d love to know where you found those curtains if you’re sharing :).

  8. His room is amazing. You did such a great job. Love everything about it, the molding, the hanging hooks, the picture you painted, bedding…hey I could go on and on. Great job!

  9. Love this! I am going to share it on my blog:
    I am collecting ideas for my 5 yr olds room. I thought the painting of him was bought. I wish I had one for one of my 4 boys! NICE JOB! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I absolutely love the way his room turned out! My son would love a chalkboard wall. Your painting is amazing!! I think that it’s perfectly fine (and great even) to hang it in his room.

  11. I love how BOY his room is! Super cute! We would ♥ for you to link this up 🙂

    :)Lolly Jane

  12. What kind of wood did you use for the board and batten molding in your son’s room? I like this look and am thinking to try it. Also, are your walls smooth? Mine have an orange peel finish and I was wondering if that causes any issues not being perfectly smooth. Great job on the room and I love your wonderful painting (go cougars). I miss Kentucky. Have fun for Derby week. Angela

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