Clementine Applique Quilt and Craftsy Class Giveaway

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Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

You may recall that I’ve been slowly working my way through several online Craftsy classes this Fall as a part of a partnership with them.   I’ve just completed another class and the timing of this one turned out to be spot on.


I started the Inspired Modern Quilts class before I left for Quilt Market, but then had to put it aside in order to sew samples of my new fabric for a booth at Market. When I got home from Market I was mentally spent but feeling incredibly inspired all at the same time (such a strange combination of emotions, exhausted and inspired).

I was happy to pick the class back up and finish it because I was in no frame of mind to try to think of a “new” project at the moment. It felt nice to sit back and sew something that was already figured out. No math, tutorial writing or choices for me to make other than fabric selection.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

The class I took was Inspired Modern Quilts and is taught by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Frannson! I actually had the chance to sit and talk to Elizabeth at Quilt Market for a while, which made finishing up the class even more fun, having met and talked with her in person.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

In the class, Elizabeth teaches you how to make 7 modern quilts.  In addition to those projects, she also talks about what makes up a modern quilt, which I found refreshing as I wasn’t really sure where the line between traditional and modern quilting was.  I thought I was a modern quilter, but now I’m thinking I’m not.. maybe I’d call myself fresh traditional? I don’t know… “likes to work with big shapes and bright colors” doesn’t seem to be a good definition for a quilter. *wink*  Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I just thought it was nice that she covered it in the class.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

Before she jumps into the projects Elizabeth has a great introduction chapter for the class that covers a lot of the questions that people may have when making the quilts including showing you how to construct a design wall and a pressing board.  This along with the detail that she goes into when explaining how to make the quilts make this a great class for a beginning quilter.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

After seeing all of the projects in the class I decided that I really really wanted to make one of the Clementine Applique quilts.  I’ve been totally smitten with Navy and White lately and decided to use that as a jumping off point for my quilt.

I went through my stash and ended up using mostly scraps (this project is perfect for them). All of the fabrics I chose were navy and had a “warm” secondary color like pink or red.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

I spent most of last week slowly cutting out the applique shapes for the quilt and working on my applique stitches. By the weekend I was ready to piece the quilt together and quilt it.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

I wasn’t sure how to go about quilting the top, I didn’t know if I wanted to highlight the applique shapes with custom quilting or just quilt in straight lines.  In the Craftsy platform, there is a Q&A section, so I thought I’d just ask Elizabeth how she quilted hers. She answered within a day and let me know that she did an overall meandering quilt pattern on her quilt. I really like how hers turned out and decided to go that route and stitched an overall meander into the quilt. This was also a great excuse to keep practicing my free motion quilting skills.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

I think I’d have to say that this is my favorite of all of the classes so far. All of the quilt patterns presented in class were new to me and were small enough projects to tackle in a weekend.

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

I think I’m going to go back and make a couple of more of the patterns in a smaller size to start a “mini’s” wall in my sewing room. There is a really cool crosses quilt featured in the class that I think would be really fun in red and whites to have in my house for Christmas.


 Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy


Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

My helpers,  “Mom if I lay here do you think they can still see me in the photo??”

Inspired Modern Quilts Class on Craftsy

It was really really windy…


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    1. I am struggling with loving the Clementine appliqué and being unsure how to access the class-I then realized it was a while ago. Is there a way for me to access this class?

      1. Hi,
        We’ve been working to clean up many of our older posts, and just haven’t gotten to this one yet. I believe that Craftsy is back in business again, you may be able to find the class on their platform still.

  1. Loving this quilt! Beautifully done! Curved piecing on quilts is always so vividly beautiful. P.S. Your outtake photos are too funny!

    1. I thought they were too funny not to share. My kids get pretty goofy when I ask them to help out with photo shoots.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, but what I really want to know is where you got the very cool pin cushion. I love it!

  3. What a great quilt! I like that you haven’t used the appliqué all over but just in the lower section. It looks so nice. Love the backing fabric. I’ve seen it in Ikea many times and haven’t thought of a project to use it in yet. Looks really good on the back of your quilt.

  4. “likes to work with big shapes and bright colors” sounds just fine and dandy to me! nice review and your quilt looks great.

  5. Many years ago I made a quilt for my daughter using this pattern, called “Lemon Peel” back then. I used three sizes of pink and white gingham with the peels in a matching pink, entered it in the County Fair and won a blue ribbon. I love the way yours is put together and might try this one for my great-granddaughter. It definitely won’t have me seeing pink and white squares each time I close my eyes! Lovely!

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