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Halloween Costumes


Twas a dark and stormy night, not fit for Man or Witch.  The threat of tornado’s kept poor Glinda inside, not able to go out and enjoy the festivities.  She did not want to risk getting blown back to Oz, as she and the scientist had made themselves a lovely home in another K state – Kentucky.


OK, creative writing may not be my strong suit, but I could not let the irony of the whole situaiton pass by. Tornado warnings all Halloween night kept us inside, no trick or treating.  My little “glinda” and I had to come up with a new plan for our Halloween Festivites.

Since my youngest (twins) are getting almost *but not quite* too old for trick or treating, I decided that it’s time to start some new traditions.

This year we had a “Spooky Dinner” for Halloween and stayed in. I must admit that the howling wind outside added to the mood.  I set the fancy china out in the dining room, and snapped a few photos with my phone.

We had vampire teeth napkin rings….


Eyeball infused root beer….


 and Skull Calzones served over intestines (aka pasta) that my daughter could not bring herself to finish eating (too gross MOM!)


After dinner we all went downstairs to watch Super 8, which is a GREAT movie and about as scary as we get in our house.

The next day the weather was perfect.  We were able to trick or treat with friends and have a wonderful evening.


To me Halloween is all about neighbors, not candy, it’s a great holiday to get out of your own house and go meet and talk to some of the people that live around you. Plus I ADORE seeing all of the kids in their costumes.


After about one million suggestions, my son finally agreed on a “Mad Scientist” costume. Crazy wig, lab coat borrowed from Dad, rubber gloves from the grocery store and safety goggles from Lowe’s and he was done.

I added some glow in the dark paint to his face just for effect, and he took his role as Mad Scientist very seriously…


My daughter was Glinda, complete with bubbles. More on her costume this week….


She even had Dorothy and Toto around to trick or treat with!


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  1. I love the addition of the bubbles on your Glinda’s costume! So fun and clever – I look forward to hearing more details!

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