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Big Hero 6 Popcorn Buckets Printable Perfect for Family Movie Night

Add a bit of pizzaz to your next family movie night with these free printable popcorn buckets inspired by Disney’s Big Hero 6 animated movie.

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Free Printable Big Hero 6 Popcorn Box - great for a kids party.

A few years ago, I had one of those “Mother of the Year” moments.  My son wanted to join an after-school robotics club, I agreed and didn’t think much of it after that.  For months he would walk out of the house with servos and other electronic gadgets tucked under his arm, and I would just wave as he went by.  

Why We Love Big Hero 6

One day in late Spring, he came home and said, “Mom, we won”… Um, you won what?? (still only half listening) “A scholarship” … me… “wait for a second what???” Now I was listening.   He then proceeded to tell me that their Robot had won a regional competition and was on its way to a possible berth in the national one.  I had NO idea 1) that it was that big of a deal or 2) that he had a talent for building robots. Like I said, “mother of the year.”

Big Hero 6 Movie Night Printables

Needless to say, when Big Hero 6 came out in theaters last year, he got a big group of kids together to go and see it.  My “too cool for everything” teenager was not apparently too cool for movies about fellow teenage robot builders. Let’s just say we all fell in love with the robot Baymax in the film.

Fast forward to now.  It’s cold. It won’t stop snowing. We had a whole week off of school.  We need entertainment (I mean, how many times can you walk around the mall in circles??). That fictional city of San Fransokyo is looking pretty good right now.

Big Hero 6 Movie Night Printables

Luckily Big Hero 6 came out this week; we went and bought it the day it came out at Target, and I decided it was time for a family movie night.


To put a little bit of “fun” into our family movie night (and to make it so that the kids would invite some friends over), I designed a set of printable popcorn buckets inspired by the high tech heroes of Big Hero 6.

Free Printable Popcorn Boxes

Big Hero 6 Movie Night Printables

You can get the PDF of the buckets in our Free Printable Library.

How to Get the Printables. You can get a copy of the printable featured in this post in our Printable Library. Access to the library is for our Newsletter subscribers, and subscriptions are FREE. Please follow the instructions to obtain the printable. PLEASE READ the instructions on that page. Note: Printables in the library may not be sold or used for commercial purposes.

What’s Included in the Printable

  • Black White Stripe Back Popcorn Box
  • Red White Stripe Back Popcorn Box
  • 3 Different Front Pieces with text inspired by the movie; “Low Battery Must Recharge”, “It’s Only an Expression”, Hello, My Name Is”

There are 5 printables in all that you can use to make your own popcorn treat boxes.  Just print them on cardstock (I used textured cardstock; I think it looks so much nicer).

How to Assemble the Boxes

Big Hero 6 Movie Night Printables

Cut them out, score along the straight lines and glue them together.  You need a front and a back piece for each box. There are red stripe backs, and black stripe backs, and 3 different front designs to choose from.

The quotes on the boxes were all inspired by the movie; they would be great for a Big Hero 6 themed birthday party or just for a fun family movie night. Just add some popcorn, treats, and sodas, and you’ve got a party!

Big Hero 6 Movie Night Printables

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  1. What a fun idea! We’ve been hit with snowstorm after snowstorm here in the Northeast, and I’m thinking a Big Hero 6 movie night sounds like a lot of fun. And of course we’ll need tasty popcorn in these awesome boxes! #client

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