Quilt Market Spring 2014

Quilt Market Spring 2014 Recap

(photo from Carolyn Friedlander’s booth)

Those of you that follow me on Instagram may have been wondering what was causing the major IG overload last weekend! I attended my very first quilt market.  If you don’t know (don’t feel bad if you don’t, cause I didn’t) – Quilt Market is a trade show that is only for industry professionals held twice a year. Each Fall it’s in Houston, TX and each Spring it rotates locations. This year it was in Pittsburg, PA which I discovered thanks to Google Maps, was within driving distance of my house.


(photo from Cotton + Steel Booth)

I had wanted to go to quilt market for a few years now but was hesitant, I wanted to go when I had a reason to go.  My book is officially coming out late this summer which means I’ll be promoting it at the Fall Quilt Market. Since I had never been to a quilt market before, I thought it would be a good idea to go to one to see what it’s like before I had the extra added stress of promoting a book.  I must say I’m so glad I waited to go until I had a reason. I think I would have felt like a “fish out of water” had I gone before. There are a lot of amazing and talented people that attended, which was intimidating enough, I think going without a reason would have added to the “why am I here?” strain running through my head to the point of a near panic inducing manner.


(with Melissa Corry and Amy Smart)

I’ll just say that Quilt Market this year was SO. MUCH. FUN. The absolute best part was getting to meet people that I’ve chatted with online and admired for so long. That’s not to say it was not with out it’s moments of self doubt and awkwardness…. but over all I’ve come home feeling energized and uplifted.

I’m going to break up my Quilt Market recap into two or three posts, this one that is more personal in nature and then 1 or 2 more talking about the NEW FABRIC coming out this Summer and Fall.. cause I know you ALL want to see what is coming down the line.  Let me just say… lots of good stuff!


Speaking of fabric, I will say there seemed to be a trend towards manufacturing prints in both knits, voiles and rayons. Which I LOVE! I’ve recently taken to sewing for myself again and am very excited to be able to find good quality prints and fabrics to choose from. Everyone make sure you support those companies that are printing on more than just quilting cottons (Free Spirit, Art Gallery & Riley Blake from what I saw), so that they keep producing these fabrics for us!


I roomed with Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter and in our grand tradition of rooming together, we once again did not take a photo together. Seems to just be a trend now. She was there promoting her book, Fabulously Fast Quilts. I’ve found such a nice kindred soul in Amy and am so grateful for her and her friendship.

Quilt Market Spring 2014 Recap

I also got to meet so many other people that I’ve talked with online for years! In this photo left to right, Me, Amy Smart (Diary of a Quilter), Angela Pingel (Cut to Pieces)Kaye Prince (Miss Print), Anna Graham (Noodlehead), Allison Harris (Cluck Cluck Sew) Ashley (Film in the Fridge), Faith Jones (Fresh Lemon Quilts),  Amanda Jean (Crazy Mom Quilts), Lee Heinrich (Freshly Pieced)

I know that I have not been sharing a lot of quilts here lately. I made 6 last year for my book in a relatively short time and got a bit burned out- one of them I made in 3 days time. It was crazy. I can’t wait to share the quilts from my book with you because I’m really proud of them and love how they came out.

Quilt Market Spring 2014 Recap

(Me, Allison, Anne Marie , Amy, Amanda Jean)

I did come back from market resolved to make more quilts  and share them with you here more consistently- one a month? I don’t know- maybe- we’ll see if I can commit myself to it *wink*.  I’m also making it a goal to sit down and write up the strips quilt from this post into a pattern, I know I’m about a year late, thank you for all of your “reminder” emails, I’m so glad there is interest in it still.

Quilt Market Spring 2014 Recap

(Me with April from C&T Publishing who did the layout and grapic design for my book)

Also, if you’re curious, Stash Books has a post about my book, Project Teen: 21 gifts your teens will actually love, on their blog today, hop over there and check it out. As soon as I get the go ahead from them, I’ll be sharing more about it here.

That’s enough Quilt Market talk for now, come back tomorrow for more photos of projects and fabrics from Market.. Just a note to close, all photos were taken with permission.


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  1. it’s so much fun to go, isn’t it? i’m hoping to go to market again in the fall. we HAVE to meet up before then!

  2. This looks so fun! My mom was a major quilter and I remember going to quilting shows all the time as a kid, but this looks waaay more fun!

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