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Study Pillow

Study Pillow sewing patter from Project Teen

One of my favorite projects from Project Teen is the Study Pillow sewing pattern.  One day I watched as my daughter lugged a pillow, books, pens, iPhone, headphones and some snacks outside so that she could go study. She had the hardest time getting everything out there without dropping it all, and I remember thinking to myself “too bad there aren’t pockets in that pillow”. Which gave me the idea to just MAKE one.

Study Pillow Sewing Pattern- love the pockets!

The pattern for the pillow can be found in the book in the “Stuff for their rooms” chapter. The pattern includes directions for creating your own “study” applique for the pillow, plus help and instructions to inserting the piping along the seams.

Right now the completed pillow will be “staying” with my publisher til Spring so I decided it was time to make a new one.

Study Pillow sewing patter from Project Teen

I had the chance to play around with some of Ann Kelle’s new Urban Zoologie line and I instantly fell in love with these pink flamingos (or pinky lingos as my friends daughter always says).

I’ve been a big fan of Ann Kelle’s fabrics for a long time now. I absolutely ADORE her ballerina and mermaid print fabric, I’ve got quite a bit in my stash that I can’t bring myself to cut up!

Study Pillow sewing patter from Project Teen

For this pillow instead of “Study” I added my daughter’s name to the pillow with gray felt.  When I finished the pillow I was excited to see that it coordinated perfectly with my Quatrefoil quilt.

Study Pillow sewing patter from Project Teen

You can find the pattern for both the quilt and the pillow in Project Teen: Handmade Gifts Your Teen Will Love
For more info about the new Urban Zoologie fabric, hop on over to Ann Kelle’s blog, you’ll be so happy you did!


Study Pillow sewing patter from Project Teen


NOTE: It has come to my attention that during the editing process for the book one of the measurements of the pieces for this pillow is incorrect… the back panel measurement should be 19″ x 27″



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      1. Is there any way to purchase the finished project? I have no sewing machine. Any response will be greatly appreciated.

  1. The fabric is beautiful and what a terrific project! So excited for you and your book, I hope it’s doing well for you.

  2. Oh my! Those flamingos! A must have! Loving this study pillow with the pockets. That’s exactly what I intend to do with my body pillow for my mp3 player! Love love love!

  3. I hope once we finish our move from Okinawa to California, I will have time to complete some sewing projects. I really love the pink flamingo pattern! How did you get such a wonderful finished project with the grey felt for your daughter’s name? Thanks!

  4. I made one for my son, age 8, for long car trips, and he loves it! everyone who sees it comments on how they’d like one;)

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    1. You can get the book as an ebook. Just buy it on Kindle – you can then view it on your phone, ipad or computer.

  6. Do I have to purchase the entire book to get the pattern? It’s a Monday and the first day of school so I may be missing it.

  7. When I first saw the pattern, I didn’t realize it was a “study” pillow and thought it would be perfect as a “before bed” pillow for me to put my book, my glasses and anything else I needed to read before bed. I love it.

  8. Feedback after making this pattern.

    1. The small pocket on the left is easier to attach BEFORE attaching the side panel to the large pocket/pillow front.
    2. The pattern was not clear about what direction the pillow front was oriented — I miscut a directional fabric and had to recut. The “front” piece is nearly a square, so giving an extra pointer on direction would have been helpful because it’s not obvious until you try to assemble it, and the measurements are not intuitive here.
    3. The pattern says to baste the main pocket front to the pillow front. This was completely unnecessary with careful pinning. Because of the seam allowances, the pattern is not robust enough to leave the basted seams in… so you have to be sure to remove them before assembling the whole thing.
    4. I needed a full package more of the bias tape/piping. The amount on the pattern was incomplete when accounting for both piped areas.
    5. The next time I make this, I think I’ll pop in a zipper so the pillow can be removed and the case can be washed separate.

  9. I was happy to know i that am not the only one who hates to cut up my fabric. It’s silly I know. But I am trying to work some of them now lol

  10. The measurements for the Minky fabric, back of pillow, seems incorrect (not big enough). Am I missing something?

    1. If you read the post you will notice that it is noted that there was a misprint in the book and the piece should be 27″

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